Half slice seat position

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Half slice seat position

Post by SimonMW »

I see a lot of people saying that in half slice boats like the Ripper etc, it's best to slam the seat all the way back. I can sort of see the reasoning, for example possibly easier tailies, lifting the bow so it rides over stuff perhaps.

My question is, does it really make much difference? My experience of putting the seat all the way back in boats has been of squirrelyness. Some say it makes boofing easier, but I'm not convinced moving the seat by millimetres really makes a massive difference to that. Also, I find in boats like the Exo Rexy that putting the seat back places my thighs out of line with the thigh grips.

So, what's people's experience? Seat all the way back in a half slice, or stick with the factory default?
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Re: Half slice seat position

Post by twopigs »

No experience of half slice boat seat position - but check out Marginal Gains. https://jamesclear.com/marginal-gains
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Re: Half slice seat position

Post by Franky »

I demoed an Antix 2 at Lee Valley recently. "Squirrely" certainly describes its behavior when I first got in it.

I moved the seat forward and it felt much more stable. The problem then was that the stern was right out of the water. I'd cross eddylines like in my Nirvana, expecting the main flow to continue to turn me into the eddy from behind. Instead, I rammed into the bank (if I had enough momentum), or missed the eddy completely (if I didn't).

So when the seat was forward the boat was more stable, but less manoeuvrable. I had to lean right back to dip the tail, and when I did that all hell broke loose. However, I was new to the boat and liked it in spite of the challenges.

All the half-slice boats I've tried out (Antix 2, Ripper, Rexy, Rewind) have handled differently, so perhaps one can't generalise about where the seat should be.There are no rules - everyone is a different shape and has a different paddling style, and should position the seat wherever works best for them.
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Mark Mulrain
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Re: Half slice seat position

Post by Mark Mulrain »

I think it will vary from boat to boat and person to person. With all of the boats I've had, I was looking to have the most fun but still feel in control on my normal grade 4(5) stuff that I'm pretty familiar with.

I had a Ripper 1 medium, I think the seat was best all the way back.
Ripper 1 small, in the middle.
Ripper 2 medium, I preferred the seat forwards.

Ripper 2 is by far the best of that bunch at everything apart from flat water speed. I had no regrets keeping the seat forward because tailies were already so much easier.
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