Confused by Rainchsers gauges - Yorkshire, NE

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Confused by Rainchsers gauges - Yorkshire, NE

Post by banzer »

So there was quite a bit of rain over the last two days. Dry today.

Here's what the main river gauges in the region are showing according to Rainchasers.

Tees (all sections) medium, couple of peaks over last two days

Swale and Ure (next major catchments southwards): low and scrape respectively; neither shown any peak at all over last two days

Wharfe: just coming up last few hours to medium, was scrape up until then

Clough, Lune: nowt

How come two rivers (not immediately next to each other) have water, yet all the others in the area and in between haven't budged? Are the gauges maybe not that reliable? :-/
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Re: Confused by Rainchsers gauges - Yorkshire, NE

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Re: Confused by Rainchsers gauges - Yorkshire, NE

Post by jmmoxon »

Gauges belong to EA, not rainchasers. Some (e.g. swale - it peaked on Saturday & Wednesday) don't report that often, unless it's flooding (to save money) & rainchasers doesn't fill in the gaps, so doesn't show Wed peak. Some gauges are upstream of section, others downstream, so water arrives at different times. Medium requires different amounts of water depending on the section / river. Links to websites with info on white water, touring, sea & surf.

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