Backband replacements

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Backband replacements

Post by harrypaige »

just wondering...
are the ratchet ladders and ratchets themselves universal or are they actually different depending on branding?
i've got a dagger that needs new ladders but its much cheaper to get LL or Pyranha ladders but would they fit?

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Re: Backband replacements

Post by Franky »

I would doubt that they are universal, but it should be easy enough to check by comparing the outfitting of boats at your club, or owned by your friends, or available for demo at your nearest artificial course.

Judging by this thread -


- it's sometimes possible to hack around fitting the parts from another manufacturer, but it sounds like more faff than I could be bothered with.

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Re: Backband replacements

Post by Mark Mulrain »

Pretty much all backband ratchet parts are made by Immersion Research. The only exceptions are Pyranha and maybe Dragorossi but I've interchanged parts without any issues.

I doubt you'll find them cheaper anywhere than from IR -

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