Kids helmets -- which one?

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Kids helmets -- which one?

Post by mikeybaby »


my 8 year old is now getting interesting in playing in the water beyond the use of his current "cycling helmet".

What helmets do you recommend I look at for water sports in general (although biased towards paddle sports)

thanks in advance

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Re: Kids helmets -- which one?

Post by ion »

When my kid turned 3 I bought him a Sweet Blaster (S/M) to replace the Bike helmet that was the universal helmet we used for all sports upto that point. In truth he's a very big kid for his age and whilst the helmet fit well with the supplied foam plus adjustment, he could still manage to get the chin strap in front of his jaw. Now a year and half later it's a solid fit. For even a smallish 8 year old I would think you would have no problem getting them into the S/M sizes of whatever Sweet Helmet your pocket book/dad paranoia! motivates you to buy. So saying that I have to say for parents of younger kids that his old bike helmet is still doing good duty for many casual things like summer rafting where the Sweet is overkill, I really rate the design. ( ... summer_sky)


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Re: Kids helmets -- which one?

Post by AGNorwich »

Worth noting that the specifications for cycle helmets are very different from those for watersports. A cycle helmet needs to withstand a single big impact, and many achieve this by controlled mechanical failure (for example by the expanded polystyrene liner splitting). They then need to be thrown away. In whitewater, individual bangs on the head are unlikely to be as hard, but the second impact may come a few seconds after the first (with several more as the river bangs your head against the rocks). So selling different helmets for different sports isn't simply a marketing ploy. There are multi-purpose helmets that satisfy more than one of the standards, but if you are buying on price you may get two separate helmets for less than the price of a dual purpose one.

I've been told that the standard for skiing helmets is more or less identical to that for kayaking helmets, with the added requirement that they can cope with a ski pole impact, but if you are using a helmet for something that it is not certified for, make sure that you understand what it will protect you against, and where the gaps are.


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Re: Kids helmets -- which one?

Post by davebrads »

The most important thing about a helmet is it must fit properly, a badly fitting helmet may offer little or no protection when it is needed. Unfortunately I am not aware of any kids kayaking helmets, and I know a couple of adults who struggle to find a helmet that is small enough.

The usual cycling helmet made of foam with a thin polycarbonate outer skin is probably going to be OK for most environments that kids will be in, but as they are designed to break on impact they are less than ideal. If you are concerned then perhaps you should look at skateboard helmets as they are constructed much the same way as some kayaking helmets with a thicker outer skin made from ABS and is clearly able to take multiple impacts. It won't be tested for kayaking obviously, but the only real issue is that any metal rivets are likely to not have the same level of corrosion resistance as those used in kayaking helmets so you may have to periodically check them.
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Re: Kids helmets -- which one?

Post by stonercanoe »

Quite a few brands do centre helmets and these often come in small, extra small sizes.
I would recommend trying helmets on to make sure it fits, is comfy, and for children looks good!

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