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Paddle Help

Post by bradsarcher »

New to white water and looking at purchasing a paddle, Would ideally like it to be used for general paddling and enable me to progress into river play/playboating.

The options i have narrowed down to are either the Powerhouse or Sherpa. The question is should i go for 194 or 196 in length.

Iam 5ft9 and mainly paddle a Burn or wavesport zg.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Paddle Help

Post by Jakob »

Powerhouse and Sherpa are both great paddles. Blades are bigger on the powerhouse which means more strength needed for proper use. If you want to progress into playboating it might be worth looking at the sidekick as well.

Personally, I wouldn't use anything shorter than 196 for whitewater - I use 196 for playboating and 202 for whitewater. Others might disagree though...

In the past I have also used a sidekick for both playboating and whitewater. I now use a powerhouse or double dutch slam for whitewater and a sidekick for playboating.

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Re: Paddle Help

Post by MikeVeal »

At 5'9" and a big enough build to use a Sherpa, you may well find a 194 to be too short. You'll be paddling like the Duracell bunny on amphetamine.

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Re: Paddle Help

Post by Poke »

I'd go for 196 in length.

Whilst Werners are great paddles (you'd struggle to get me to use anything else), they do wear down over time, so 196 now might be 194 in a couple of years! Some old 197's of mine ended up as 187's after a few very busy years. I didn't really notice the shorter length being an issue (I'm 6'3"), just the smaller blade size - and even then only on big pushy water.
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