Weird and unusual rapids

Inland paddling
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Weird and unusual rapids

Post by banzer »

'Bum Crack Rock' on the Taieri, New Zealand.

There's a big split boulder in the middle of the river. You paddle hard to get up a bow wave at the entrance, then through the 'crack' which is just boat-width, then out the other side over a small drop.... then EVEN BETTER there's a massive eddy river left so you paddle back upstream, ferry across and get to do it again! Sorry I can't find a photo.

What have you got?
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Re: Weird and unusual rapids

Post by Franky »

"No photo of Bum Crack Rock?" I thought. "Impossible." So I googled it. Don't repeat my mistake! I'll just have to use my imagination (and I've got plenty to go on after that search).

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Re: Weird and unusual rapids

Post by G7AFM »

Surprising what 3 little words bring up.

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Re: Weird and unusual rapids

Post by Poke »

Spent ~6 months working in IT support for a small company in the Lakes. One of the local pubs with a good lunch menu was called the "Black Cock Inn"
We'd periodically get embarrassed calls from employees who'd unwittingly googled the place.

Back on topic; I always thought the 90° fall on the Ingleton Doe was a weird rapid. The drop basically runs into a headwall about a metre from the base of the drop. The way out is to the left, but it's impossible to get there from the run in. The fall kicks you to the right into a boat length pool with no space to turn around. You then need to paddle backwards through the hole at the base of the drop whilst being battered against the headwall, to the exit on the left...

Or you run the drop backwards so you can paddle out forwards through the hole! :-)
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Re: Weird and unusual rapids

Post by SPL »

At the start of the Sesia Gorge section there is hole that surges from flat to 5ft deep hell which I've never fancied running.
I've only ever seen a similar feature at the Bitches which is understandable but never in a river to such a dramatic degree.

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