Dagger Nomad deck advice

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Iain W
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Dagger Nomad deck advice

Post by Iain W »

Hi All,

I have just changed my Mamba 8.1 to a Nomad 8.6 and my Playboater work deck which has been fine with the Mamba seems to leak quite a lot. A mate has the just bought the same boat and has the same deck and has the same issue so I am pretty sure it isn't the boat.

Any recommendations on what deck works with this boat without leaking?



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Re: Dagger Nomad deck advice

Post by SPL »

I had the same issue, i think part of the problem is the cockpit rim design as the water around the rim cannot drain away so your constantly sat in a puddle.
I used a snap dragon deck which is great on every other boat i have owned but very wet on a nomad.
Sorry i cant offer a solution.

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Mark Mulrain
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Re: Dagger Nomad deck advice

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The IR klingon is probably the driest deck going - https://immersionresearch.eu/store/spra ... ray-skirt/

i wouldn't rule out the fact that it is just your bolts in the boat leaking. Try and seal them up and see if that makes a difference.

Bod Bagby
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Re: Dagger Nomad deck advice

Post by Bod Bagby »

I have an 8.6 Newmad and am pleased with my Whetman deck. It is dry. Ie inside of the deck and all my legs are dry after Upper Dart run. It does have latex around the whole rim which may help. It also fits a Mamba 8.1 so again I doubt there is anything about the Playboater deck size that is wrong. Must be shape.

Ian R Lambert
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Re: Dagger Nomad deck advice

Post by Ian R Lambert »

I bought a Palm Impact R4 for my Newmad 9.0 and it seems to be dry and easy to put on. So far just 2 or 3 runs on the Upper Dart in medium/ high water but so far so good.

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