New access charge for the Dee???

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Adrian Cooper
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Re: New access charge for the Dee???

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cathalferris wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:07 pm
If there's no moving gate (automatic or permanently manned) on entrance to a car park, there's a reasonable assertion that there is public access.
That is absolutely not the case. All land is private and you may only enter it within strict legal parameters; rights of way would be one which will be restricted to particular classes of person and permission of the owner, the other. Permission may be granted with limitations and the payment of money is the common one. Your 'angle' might be relevant to a local authority car park but you would need to know the ownership before you could make that assumption.

May I assume I can park on your drive?

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Re: New access charge for the Dee???

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cathalferris wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:07 pm
Allowing trivial access and then attempting to extort monies by threat of being locked in or similar is definitely the wrong way to go about things especially when it's pretty obvious that the landowner made a mistake in not advertising their wishes for payment correctly. Maybe the land owner should install a ticketing machine with obvious signage and a gate controlled entrance, as that would make it very obvious that there's a charge for the use of the car parking, and would prevent people gaining the wrong impression about how a charge is applied there.
Just pay the £3 or don't park there you tightarse.

If they had to pay for a ticketing machine & gates you can be sure the cost to park there would be a damn sight more than £3 & then you'd be yowling about that.....

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Jerry Tracey
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Re: New access charge for the Dee???

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I paddled at Mile End Mill earlier this week, for the first time for a couple of years. The experience was very positive - the new proprietors were very friendly and helpful and I was happy to pay a reasonable small fee for use of the site/facilities on a park & play basis. My wife, who was not paddling, was not charged. We also had coffee in the café and I bought a new nose-clip from them. Since our last visit, useful new steps have been installed, both at the main landing point and on the portage route back up from the bottom wave. I would like to encourage other paddlers to support this valuable resource.

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