Use own boat or course provider’s on BCU 2* ?

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Use own boat or course provider’s on BCU 2* ?

Post by Swallowfalls »

It’s only a small group booked in for the 2star course, 5 or 6 I think, at a regional watersports centre.

But I don’t want to turn up with my own (expensive and very multi-colourful) whitewater kayak if everyone else is using the centre’s boats. I’ll look more experienced than I am, and feel a bit of a show-off in case I’m the only one with my own boat 😖

I want to blend in. I’m doing this for a few reasons but also because I’m a ‘self taught paddler’ and I want to start from scratch because I’ll be sure to have picked up bad habits paddling on my own the last couple of years, so I want to be seen as an absolute beginner on the day. Turning up with a boat seen often on grade 4-5 whitewater isn’t a beginners boat.

I don’t own a canoe so will be using their canoes for that part of the course.

Have you done the BCU 2* course
and if so did most people use the provider’s boats, or bring their own?
Is this course something that most people do when they’re starting out, or as a compulsory requirement to progress onto another qualifications? (In my case to also learn canoeing, and gain access to the whitewater course).

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Re: Use own boat or course provider’s on BCU 2* ?

Post by bouncyboatbloke »

Just did mine a couple of weeks ago. I used my own [ older ] kayak, though to be honest most of the people with me used our club boats.
Of as much importance is the kayak being kitted out with enough air bags to aid recovery. You don't have to roll it for 2* so just being able to paddle, forwards, backwards, and demonstrate all the sculling strokes effectivly is the main criteria. Yes if you're lucky to have some good instructures like we had they'll right those sloppy and bad habits you've self taught yourself, and give some pointers for stuff to learn ready for the 3*. Most of all, "have some fun ". Good luck.

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Re: Use own boat or course provider’s on BCU 2* ?

Post by jamiemagee »

Use what you are happy with. I used my own kayak but cross over type. Check the syllabus and make sure you're happy ticking them off in your boat.

At the end of the day having money to buy kit doesn't mean you can paddle, and good coach should be asking about your experience and assessing you from the minute you get on the water. With or without your boat they'll quickly get a picture.

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Re: Use own boat or course provider’s on BCU 2* ?

Post by feedbackproblem »

If there is a learning/practice part to the course then take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and try something different, 2* is all about being happy in different types of boats and any chance to broaden your horizons is a good thing. However, use your own boat for the exam so you're in something you know so that you're familiar with how it handles.

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