Peak whitewater one Vs Dam x

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Peak whitewater one Vs Dam x

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I've been paddling for a while now and thought I'd bite the bullet and buy a dry suit, I was wondering what are peoples thoughts on the peak whitewater one vs the DAM X 3000 series or the breathable dam x dry suit.

I just missed out on a reduced kotakat :(

Thank you

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Re: Peak whitewater one Vs Dam x

Post by twopigs »

My Dam X 3000 is still going strong after 11 years ..... okay it needs replacement seals once in a while but Andi has always got the suit back to me within days (usually posted to him Monday, back by Friday). Made to measure! After some discussion Andi added a belt above the hips to stop the suit sliding down when I walk. Okay it is a bit heavier (and possibly warmer) than a peak, but not so you'd notice!

Breathable? I'm not convinced it is necessary unless you're wearing it everyday!
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Re: Peak whitewater one Vs Dam x

Post by countvoncount »

DAX X have great longevity. They are heavier and a little more industrial-looking/feeling (think rubber boiler suit). I think the breathability is less of an issue than the extra weight. On the plus side, you can hike through brambles in a DAM X and it fits really well. Plus the service is brilliant. I am glad I have one but I only wear it on actual river trips. If I am just going for a spin, I opt for a cag+trousers.

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Re: Peak whitewater one Vs Dam x

Post by Chris Bolton »

Agree with the above. I have a DAM X 3000 which I use on day trips. If I'm on a multi-day sea trip I have a breathable suit.

Worth noting that Andi (maker of DAM X) will sell you a suit with a breathable top, but makes a point of saying he'll also sell you (and fit) a new top for it in 3 years time when the breathable bit's worn out.

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Re: Peak whitewater one Vs Dam x

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I can confirm that the breathable section does not last as long as the rest. Mine started leaking through the fabric during an AWWSR

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