Non-toxic glue for kayak repair

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Non-toxic glue for kayak repair

Post by kgb397 »

I need to make some repairs to several kayaks - I was advised by a friend that Evo-stick is great and will hold even in wet conditions. But, on the packet it says 'harmful to aquatic organisms with long lasting effects'. So I feel very uncomfortable about using this in kayaks which will obviously be used on rivers.

Does anyone know of a glue which is suitably strong but non-toxic?

Or can anyone reassure me that Evo-stick is only toxic while wet, and as long as the repairs are dry before the boat is used on the river - would that be OK?

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Re: Non-toxic glue for kayak repair

Post by Chalky723 »

I think that as long as you're not pouring it into rivers etc you'll be fine.

When dry they're all pretty inert.

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Re: Non-toxic glue for kayak repair

Post by Chris Bolton »

Depending what you're glueing, hot melt glue guns are good, and the 'glue' is just low melting point plastic so unlikely to be toxic.

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Re: Non-toxic glue for kayak repair

Post by Jim »

What are the kayaks made of and what kind of repairs are you trying to do?

Evo Stik is a brand, most people imply and infer the impact adhesive in the red can, just in case you are looking at something else!
They do a more environmentally friendly (low VOC I think) version with some green on the label part of the can, never tried it but word is it doesn't work very well.

But back to original question - what are you trying to do with it? Different glues suit different applications, I would use impact adhesive for gluing outfitting in place, but not for a structural repair to a boat.
Choice of structural adhesive will depend very much on the material the boat is made from, if in fact you need something structural.

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