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Creek Boat Advice

Post by ahyeahstark »

Hi, Just after some opinions please.

I've realised this winter I really need something a little bigger than my redline, fun as it is. I've tried a few creek boats and really got on well with the Zet Raptor.

Thing is I'm on a budget so it's likely my boat is going to come from ebay or similar and while I've seen a few raptors they're not too common and a little more expensive than I'd like.

Realistically I'm thinking I might end up buying a boat I've never paddled, given that I liked the raptor, which older cheaper boats would you say handle in a similar way?

I may well just buy a raptor on the never never if it comes to it but trying to resist the temptation.


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Re: Creek Boat Advice

Post by Neptune »

Dagger Nomad...

Colin C
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Re: Creek Boat Advice

Post by Colin C »

Raptors fairly regularly come up on the second hand market for £450/£500 for boats in good condition.


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Re: Creek Boat Advice

Post by Mark Mulrain »

The raptor caused a storm on UKRGB when it came out. With many people saying how different it was from the current boat offerings. I don't think it would be very accurate to say an older boat was similar to it.

Before the likes of the 9R/Tuna were turning heads and making people think differently about kayak designs I would say the raptor was the design making companies rethink their offerings. (Yes I know the Tuna is technically older, but they just didn't have the exposure)
I think you would be best served by saving up and also trying a larger variety of the modern boats and seeing if one of them suits you even more than the raptor. If you try another boat after you splash the cash and prefer it, you'll just regret it and probably end up spending more money.

My raptor was a much better boat for me than the Dagger Nomad and LL Stomper that I also owned around the same time, but it certainly wasn't perfect.

If I was demoing boats at the moment I'd make sure to try;
  • Pyranha Machno and 9R
  • Zet Toro and Five
  • Jackson Nirvana
  • Waka (probably all of them)
  • Lettman Mantra

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Re: Creek Boat Advice

Post by DaveBland »

...I'd add the Jackson Zen in there too.

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