Pyranha 9r or burn

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Pyranha 9r or burn

Post by Kayak_ben »

Having recently done some training in a 9r I'm very interested in one as my first ww kayak, I'm not looking for an all out creek boat so figured this was a good option, I'd probably go for the large due to my weight.

Would you guys recommend the 9r large or a burn and if so is the burn 3 the one to get.

Unsure if I should get new or used. ? Thoughts

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Re: Pyranha 9r or burn

Post by YorkieDave »

Try out the Machno too, sort of middle ground between the two. Great boat, very forgiving and so much fun to paddle.

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Re: Pyranha 9r or burn

Post by DaveBland »

All good boats but which you'll like will depend on your style of paddling.
I'd head somewhere where you can demo all 3 together and decide then.
For me, 9er all the way

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Re: Pyranha 9r or burn

Post by nippon »

Agree that they are all good boats.
It comes down to personal preference, the way you paddle and what you are paddling at the end of the day.

Couple of things I would like to point out:
You said your not looking for an all out creek boat. So don't worry about the Machno. Its a creek boat.
You will also struggle to get one second hand as they are new on the market.

I would recommend getting your first boat second hand. The market for second hand boats is really good. I bought a sold a few boats before settling on the pair I have now.

The 9R and Burn are both excellent boats.
I personally prefer the Burn (I have a MK3 currently but also had a MK1 previously). I think the hull and rails make it surf better than the 9R and for UK waters, which are generally relatively shallow and rocky, its better suited to making sharp turns and little eddies.
You should test both in a variety of sizes however and find one that you are happy with.

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Re: Pyranha 9r or burn

Post by Jim »

Quite different boats.
Personally I don't get on well with either, but the 9R I tried may have been set up badly for me, or I may have been too heavy for it.

Other manufacturers also exist :)

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Re: Pyranha 9r or burn

Post by SPL »

If you can get to Cardiff white water course you can spend all day demo'ing nearly every boat going for £ must be the cheapest and best way to find your favourite.

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