Tara river in Bosnia and Montenegro

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Tara river in Bosnia and Montenegro

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Having just got back from a 3 day paddle down the Tara river in Montenegro and Bosnia I thought I would put some details up to help anyone else who wants to go.
A group of 10 us paddled the Tara river, two were in kayaks and the other 8 in duckies.

We got in at 43° 7'42.29"N 19°18'35.85"E and paddled down to Radovan Luka.
This was 5hr paddle, although we were going slowly. It was an easy grade 2/3 read and run.

At Radovan Luka there is accommodation that can be booked and a restaurant (we didn’t try it).
The camping facilities there aren’t very nice and the toilets were disgusting.
The bunk house is 16 Euros a night and is quite nice inside and it has proper facilities.
Radovan Luka is at 43°12'53.98"N 19° 6'29.11"E on river left.

The next day we paddle down to Tara-Top which was another read and run grade 2/3.
It was a 6hrs paddle with 1 hour for breaks, again we were taking it slowly.
Most of this section was in the sun.

We found Tara Top by mistake because some of the other sites we stopped at didn’t look that nice.
You can’t pitch a tent there but they do have large family tents with proper beds in them already set up which you can use.
We stayed in their wooden accommodation which was very comfortable and costs 10 Euros pp.
They have a proper shower and toilet block on site which was very clean.
The staff here were very helpful and I highly recommend a stay here!
http://tara-top.com/en/ it is located at 43°19.567N 018°57.636E but the get out is 50 meters up river on the right at 43°19.497N 018°57.661E. For breakfast, lunch and dinner and accommodation it is 33 Euros per person.

The next day we paddled down to Drina rafting in Bosnia This section is slightly harder than the rest and is a grade 3 with some 3+ sections, again it is all read and run.
This section took us 4hrs with a few rescues.
Get out is all after a flat section on the right, it is easy to spot.
Drina rafting at 43°22'5.14"N 18°47'47.35"E.

We went at the end of July and it was around 27 – 33 degrees, personally I wore a full length cag as the water was freezing and I was fine.

The water was crystal clear and the area was very clean.

You need to get a permit to paddle the river, this was already sported for us.
The trip could easily be done in two days.

We flew into Dubrivnik with our kayaks and were given a total weight limit of 52kg plus hand luggage, on the way back our boats were a few kilos over but the staff didn’t mind and just smiled and said it’s okay.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at kayaker_13@hotmail.com I don’t claim to be an expert on the area having only done it once but I will help out where I can.
I hope to head out there again in 2018 and hit a few more rivers in May when the levels are higher.
When in doubt PLF!


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Re: Tara river in Bosnia and Montenegro

Post by banzer »

Thanks for sharing sounds good!
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Re: Tara river in Bosnia and Montenegro

Post by frazerp »

The Tara is indeed a really great 2-3 wilderness trip. Check out the Tara Kayak Festival this September: http://www.tara-grab.com/

Flights are probably simplest direct to Montenegro (Manchester to Tivat).


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