New paddlers need advice please

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New paddlers need advice please

Post by ollyscunningstunts »

Hi everyone,

Me and my girlfriend would like to take up kayaking. I have done a bit growing up, I can paddle in a straight line and am comfortable on a little bit of white water. My girlfriend is a complete novice. We would like to set ourselves up fairly cheaply, we need kayaks, paddles, spray decks, wet suits, helmets and buoyancy aids.

I was wondering where the best place to find this sort of stuff would be? We'd like to spend as little as possible to get started.

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Re: New paddlers need advice please

Post by feedbackproblem »

A local club would be a good place to start. You might need to invest in a wetsuit (opt for a Long John or a set of strides - legs only) and a waterproof top but most whitewater clubs would probably have all the other kit you need so you avoid the big outlay and you get to experiment with different types of boats to find out what suits you.

Membership prices vary from club to club but one of the ones I paddle with would cover you both with an £80 family membership which would include coaching, trips, access to changing rooms/showers and kit hire (boat, paddle, spray deck, cag, helmet & BA) for the year and you'd be able to try a wide range of boats from play boats to creekers and slalom to open boats etc. Considering that fairly basic whitewater BA's start around the £70 mark, joining a club and borrowing their kit is probably the best value for money and if you decide that you're going to continue paddling then you can spread out your gear purchases without having to buy everything at once.

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Re: New paddlers need advice please

Post by neonbowhawk »

Join your local club, you will be able to use their equipment and access their coaching scheme, when you are just starting out its important to be paddling with people who know what they are doing.

When you have tried various different boats, paddles etc you will have a much better idea of the kind of kit you want to buy for yourself and the type of boating you want to do.

Have fun

And it will be cheap!

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Re: New paddlers need advice please

Post by banzer »

+1 join a club.

Even if you were both quite capable paddlers it is preferable to be on a river with three or more for safety reasons.

In the meanwhile if you want to feast your eyes on some shiny gear there are plenty of paddle shops / websites like this one

DON'T go out and buy something new and shiny until you are sure it is right for you! Try things out at the club. Happy paddling...
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Re: New paddlers need advice please

Post by jamiemagee »

Another vote for joining a club.

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Re: New paddlers need advice please

Post by mountain_bikerider »

Please don't just go and buy a boat and kit without knowing what you want. As everyone else said join a club and use their kit. Our club in Marlow is £65 family membership and we have a large range of boats from marathon, sea touring and white water to try.

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Re: New paddlers need advice please

Post by Kizzie_St-As »

If you need to find a club near you: ... 0&dateTo=0#!/
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