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River Wye Calendar

Post by ali »

I don't agree with the access advice but the calendar is good if you're planning a trip on the Wye and want to avoid Canoe Slalom, rowing or fishing competitions.

http://www.gov.uk/guidance/information- ... endar-2017

Mike A
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Re: River Wye Calendar

Post by Mike A »

Agree that the calendar is useful, but in light of the comments re access, then british canoeing calling this document an excellent resource is a big step backwards in the campaign for access.

I do wonder sometimes if acess is as important to British canoeing as it is to most recreational paddlers.

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Re: River Wye Calendar

Post by TonyM »

"There may be river restrictions around each event."

Really - who is going to impose and police any restrictions?

"there’s no established legal right of navigation upstream of Hay Bridge"

Again - isn't this disputable?


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Re: River Wye Calendar

Post by Adrian Cooper »

Trouble is, this is government agency promoted advice so they get awfully cagey about keeping competing parties happy. BC really put their foot in their mouth by linking the whole page and saying their members should check it out whenever they paddle the Wye whereas what they really were trying to promote was just the events calendar. Rather sloppy use of Facebook by their social media team who need to get up to speed with current issues, fast.

Chis Page has been kind enough to email me with an explanation of BC position.

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