First dry suit

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First dry suit

Post by Beth3754 »


So it's getting very cold outside and I have come to the realisation that I really could do with a dry suit for all my upside down moments. The problem is that I haven't got any idea what sort of thing I should be looking for. Are there any features I should be looking out for or types you'd recommend? I'm trying to buy quite a lot of kit at once so I'd ideally want a suit that wouldn't break the bank. I'd preferably want a women's suit but have heard it might be possible to buy a smaller size in a men's.

Thanks :).

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Re: First dry suit

Post by chriscw »

If you can get to a shop where you can try some for size and easy of getting in and out that is a good first step. Some of the cheaper ones do seem to be pretty good.
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Re: First dry suit

Post by stonercanoe »

Hi Beth, once you've spent a winter in a dry suit you never go back!
Try on your mates if you can. Go to a shop with a variety to try on if possible.
My first drysuit money was tight and I bought the cheapest one I could find which turned out ok. Some are definitely better than others. Talk to people you paddle with. Female paddlers in our club do prefer female cut clothing.

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Re: First dry suit

Post by Colin C »

Beth, you need to consider the practical things like needing to go for a pee. If this is on your list then you need to look into options. So your options are a drop seat, and I think Peak also do the leg zip thing, or you could use a man's suit with a "she wee", this gives you many more options of cost and quality and cut. The woman's suits tend to be mid to upper price range. I dont know all the details but a thing you need to consider before parting with money. The woman I know all prefer a suit cut and designed for a woman.


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Re: First dry suit

Post by Beth3754 »


Thanks for the advice :). I was wondering if anyone has used palm dry suits before? If so what do you think? Are they water tight and do they tend to last?

I'm considering either the palm atom or palm element women's dry suits. The atom seems to be an updated version of the element but I was wondering if the updates are actually worth the additional cost. I'd be able to try an atom on in a local store but would have to buy the element online.

There seems to be a limited choice of women's dry suits on the market which is disappointing. I like the look of the drop seat style ones but then this narrows the options down again and these two palm ones are the only suits I can find with this fitting.


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Re: First dry suit

Post by feedbackproblem »

My Palm Stikine drysuit is still absolutely bone dry heading in to it's 4th winter season with no need for any new zips or seals etc. I can't really comment on any of your other questions but I'd echo Chris's comments above about making sure you try on a variety of suits before you buy so you know that you end up with a suit that worls for you and is a good fit because they do tend to vary considerably in shape/size across the different brands.

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Re: First dry suit

Post by gp.girl »

Gul do one and Kokatat. Element has a design flaw causing the inside of the legs to wear through very quickly (I killed one in less than a year) especially if you are short. Atom has this fixed. Drop seats are great, peak inside leg zip and ones that do up around the waist ie typhoon should work too :)
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Re: First dry suit

Post by SimonMW »

Immersion Research do an excellent female cut drysuit. ... -dry-suit/

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Re: First dry suit

Post by morsey »

stonercanoe wrote:Hi Beth, once you've spent a winter in a dry suit you never go back!
My shortie cag on 29th December 2015 says otherwise... :D

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Re: First dry suit

Post by Unsponsored »

Palm ladies element dry suit review - ... it-review/

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Re: First dry suit

Post by Kizzie_St-As »

Above all else get one that fits! Men's drysuits don't fit me at all, the arms are too long and end up being baggy and annoying, and I'm also stupidly short which most manufacturers don't cater for.
The drop seat is amazing, but you will pay extra for it and it limits your options since I think it's just Kokatat and Palm that do them.
Brands: Kokatat are worth every penny (three years and my suit is as dry as the day I bought it), but there's a lot of pennies required. Personally, I have never seen a Palm cag or drysuit that stayed dry for more than a few months BUT lots of people swear by them. Peak and Typhoon get a good rep on their fabrics, but Peak suits tend to eventually leak at the knees. IR is also worth a look, though I don't know anything about their longevity. Dam X are heavy weight and not breathable, but they are hard wearing and and made to measure. As far as I'm aware Lomo and Yak give you what you pay for.
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