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Play Boat Recommendation

Post by Badknee »

I am planning to do some playboating to add another dimension to my paddling. I am 6'2", 16 stone with size 10 feet and used to being in creek boats most of the time. What would be a good boat for me?
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Re: Play Boat Recommendation

Post by TechnoEngineer »

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Re: Play Boat Recommendation

Post by Jim »

Try all the large sizes - I get on OK in a Large Jed and if you don't need ratchets the price on the basic spec is attractive. I am a bit heavy for mine but I am heavier than you, I am shorter but only had to peel 2 layers off the foot block so reckon you would get in. Might not be the right boat for you though so try some of the others too before you decide.

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Re: Play Boat Recommendation

Post by Conor Buckboy »

Pyranha Molan large, I'm 6ft 3 with size 12 feet but only 12 stone, it was perfect size wise I could sit in all day with the connect 30, behaves very much like a creek boat when rolling and river running, had to get rid of it as I was too light and so couldn't do much, got a Robson blowfish instead (but only because I'm slender). At your weight the molan would be a good choice.

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