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hull reinforcement

Post by mahobalib »

i'm calling on the collective knowledge of the guidebook community. i'm currently paddling an old jackson allstar. it has the single pole hull stiffener which i believe means its made of cross link plastic? i know people have lots of problems repairing this as its doesn't really weld, although i know there will be some who have said they haven't had a problem with it... but il worry about that when it comes to it. anyway, as i said my boat is quite old, and i'm all too aware that the plastic is getting a bit thin in places on the hull and i want to try reinforce the plastic and possibly make the boat a bit stiffer too.
i found a post on this blog about custom outfitting where carbon fibre has been used to make a plastic boat stiffer, im a bit skeptical and not convinced how well it would bond anyway. but it was closest i could find to the sort of idea i was having. i was thinking of maybe just bonding a thin sheet of acrylic to the hull.
i've also seen where people have patched and riveted boats in a similar way. ... -approach/

like i said the hull has worn thin but it hasn't actually cracked or split yet so i guess im looking at future damage prevention /minimization (i know just avoid the rocks!) i was just curious if anyone has had any luck experience or insight into a similar project before i embarked on a potentially fruitless endeavor.

any insight or magic words of wisdom from some paddling wizards muchly appreciated

Chris G

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Re: hull reinforcement

Post by DaveBland »

I imagine anything you bond to inside will be useless once the boat has worn through. And anything on outside wont stay long.
If it's for stiffening not additional wear protection then any material would do to help prevent flexing. Maybe just a sheet of something under the seat.
Although it doeas kinda sound like ots time to look for a new boat when that one is worn through or cracked. They have a limited lifespan really.

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Re: hull reinforcement

Post by colonelorbit »

I definitely wouldn't bolt through, they would catch and rip larger holes. Gluing Polyethylene sheet to Crosslink can work for a while, but eventually fails, would definitely fail on the out side and fails on the inside due to the flexing, although as Dave said a small panel under the seat would give it some reinforcement - for a while. A Carbon fibre - epoxy sheet bonded to the inside of the hull might work though, if you formed it all the way to where the hull meets the side walls that would help keep it in position - is expensive though!

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