CIWW on my lonesome

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CIWW on my lonesome

Post by anne0511 »

Hi all - is it ok to go down to the CIWW on my own?? I've run the Lee Valley course a couple of times swam but survived a few runs intact! Just wondering as I don't know anyone in the area but really keen to go down. I'm under the impression you don't need to do a course or test like LV? Cheers for any advice.

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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by Kayak-Bloke »

Hi Anne,
I've sent you a pm.

But in short:
Yes it's fine to rock up there alone.
No, there's no pre assessment.
Just sign to say you know what you're in for and you can cope with it and your good to go.
There's a once a year admin fee of £5 but you only have to do the paper work bit once a year as a result.
At the skill level you're describing I recommend either a Wed evening or a Sunday. You can practice on lower flows on those sessions.


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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by anne0511 »

Thanks v much I'll try and find you on FB!

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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by kayak1 »

I and many other paddlers do use the centre alone, obviously its more fun when there is more, particularly if they know the course...if you are new to the centre, the only thing I find is that the eddy's are quite strong and are prone to pulling you into them? but not so bad if you do keep your line if just running it.. and of course watch out for the rafts that tend to stop and play in the wave in front of you when there is two more coming down close behind can be a bit frustrating. But it is a great centre with lots of friendly people around and very safe if you happen to swim..have fun. Alan

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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by Badknee »

Useful info, I didn't know you could just turn up. I will put on the list to visit. I am off to Nene this weekend because Lee Valley is closed for the world championship slalom.
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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by Rae1 »

I fancy the Nene too this weekend, I dont think Rae will be along, as she may be playing badminton.
We went to Matlock again on Saturdy, nice afternoon, spent around 1.5 hours getting from the car park tot he bottom of the course, and dodnt feel like we were ever going to fall in - though the water level is still very low.

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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by sprintpaddler »

It`s been mentioned above, but it needs to be repeated as it can cause problems.
Give the rafts consideration, particularly when they`re playing in the features, be
sure you can "hold station" in an eddy ( some are quite swirly ) until they clear. I`ve
seen quite a few kayakers swim when they come into contact with rafts in the higher
Hope you enjoy it, CIWW is a terrific venue.

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Re: CIWW on my lonesome

Post by TM. »

Have you been yet?

If you chat to people in the eddies everyone is very friendly and my experience is that you won't be paddling alone for long! Boats etc tend to get communally rescued by other paddlers if it's possible and there are throw bag holding safety people on the central island. The only thing is that the bottom pool is quite dark once the course is flood lit and it's quite a long swim across against the current if you swim near the bottom of the course. But a quick shout to another paddler should get you a tow if you need one - everyone is really very friendly and most people carry a tape / krab for boat tows. (And beware the rafts as others have already mentioned).

If you'd like to be shown the course I'm next going on Wednesday evening 7th October and would be very happy to paddle round with you a couple of times and show you easy / hard eddies etc. We tend to spend lots of time surfing waves on the way ... so after that you might want to just river run the course - or at least that's what I wanted to do when I was less experienced. Tavi

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