Removing an indentation on a kaysk hull

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Removing an indentation on a kaysk hull

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Hi all

Had a day on the tryweryn yesterday, when I got home to put the boat away I noticed an indentation on the hill it's about 1 and a half foot long, about half 1/4 inch wide it looks like I have gone over a rock and it have pushed the plastic in slightly but it's irritating does anyone have any suggestions to Push this back out.



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Re: Removing an indentation on a kaysk hull

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See this recent thread ... 3&t=119043

Out of curiosity has anyone tried using a wallpaper steamer to gently heat the hull as opposed to trying to fill area with boiling water.


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Re: Removing an indentation on a kaysk hull

Post by Jim »

The weight of the water in the hull helps to gently press the dent out and you can leave it a couple of minutes (cools quite quickly) rather than having to hold a steam plate up against the hull all the time, but otherwise a steamer would probably do the job, a heat gun defintely can but you need be be careful not to focus too long in one area.

BUT, the OPs description of the gouge makes me think this is not one that is likely to pop out under gentle heating, it reads as though the plastic has stretched (any lightening in colour or even whiteness?). Mostly you can pop these out, but you cannot shrink the plastic so you will end up with a bulge instead of a gouge - depending on where it is in relation to the seat or where your legs go you may decide it is better as a gouge, or as a bulge, but I don't think this one is ever going to go back to normal, sorry!

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