TNT the dumbest company in the Land?

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TNT the dumbest company in the Land?

Post by harry.fettes »

TNT possibly the most irritating incompetent "service" provider out there. New Hero suffered a cracked hull from a manufacturing defect. Kent canoes and Squarerock immediately took responsibility and arranged collection of the damaged boat and delivery of a replacement.
Unfortunately they engaged TNT who despite the manifest clearly stating Kayak and the order being placed by a Kayak retailer turned up at my address simply to inform me without even looking at the package that they don't transport kayaks.

It gets worse. They also picked up the new boat from Squarerock, delivered it to their Aberdeen depot before returning it to Squarerock because they don't do kayaks. How dumb is that.

Hopefully better luck with Parcelforce and Thistle Couriers.

I'm still looking for a courier that will accept a 2.66m creeker Cardiff to Aberdeen, any suggestions

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Re: TNT the dumbest company in the Land?

Post by Seedy Paddler »

Harry can you get the creeker to Llangollen/Bala 6th-7th June and I can bring it back up to Aberdeen from the Tryweryn slalom

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Re: TNT the dumbest company in the Land?

Post by sprintpaddler »

Direct Courier Solutions ( DCS ), used them twice....superb service.
Their site is easy use & you can pay via PayPal.

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Re: TNT the dumbest company in the Land?

Post by morsey »

Harry You seem to have got confused between UKRGB and Anne Robinson!

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