Metal on Metal

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Metal on Metal

Post by eeonz »

So I've spoken to a couple of people recently who have removed the metal ring from their chest harness. The logic being - in the climbing world at least - that you should never clip metal to metal.

Is this an issue? Is it now being taught on courses?

I only ask, as in my mind it's been designed for that exact purpose and no doubt tested to destruction. I like having the ring as something obvious for people to clip in to.

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Re: Metal on Metal

Post by freddie »

Metal on metal isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's carabiner on carabiner that isn't good to do as they can turn on each other and unclip if they're snapgates. Loads of gear has metal cables that you clip to a crab.
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Re: Metal on Metal

Post by mpplant »

If those people are clipping a carabiner straight onto their chest harness they especially need to be using a screw gate carabiner and making sure it's locked when attached. A non locking carabiner can slide along the harness and the gate can open and get itself caught on another part of the buoyancy aid (i.e. the loops that the harness feeds through). I suspect this is why the ring was added, it somewhat negates the need for a locking carabiner, although I'd still strongly suggest you use one anyway.

If you're setting up a live bait ahead of time you can always attach the line to the harness ring with a figure of eight loop, which saves you a carabiner.

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Re: Metal on Metal

Post by Chalky723 »

I thought the idea of the ring was to give an obvious clipping point rather than risk someone clipping onto one of the several other pieces of webbing on the back of the BA that won't release.

Also, the ring is totally smooth which makes it slide off of the strap better than a "lumpy" carabiner.

I'll be keeping my ring on the BA thanks, no matter what "other people" say...

Not sure how climbers would clip their quickdraws onto ring bolts without going metal to metal either...

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Re: Metal on Metal

Post by Woods »

Metal on Metal it's hard to beat.

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Re: Metal on Metal

Post by Kevin Cooper »

Metal on metal is fine, climbers clip krabs into steel pegs, bolts and ice screws all the time. As others have said, it is issues with Krabs being accidentally opened that is the problem which the screw gate mitigates.

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