Fixing/Replacing cracked paddle shaft

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Fixing/Replacing cracked paddle shaft

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Hi all, I've got a pair of Robson pogos with a 3" crack in the (carbon) shaft-what's the best way to repair this, or is that even a good idea? I've heard you can get carbon wrap that might do the trick.

Alternatively, any suggestions of someone who might be able to replace the shaft altogether? Preferably close to the West Mids, but I travel around to rivers etc so further afield could be managed. I got them 2nd hand so I imagine Robson themselves wouldn't be interested!


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Re: Fixing/Replacing cracked paddle shaft

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It would certainly be worth asking Robson - I had excellent service from them re a change to feather, which involved getting a spigot from them.

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Re: Fixing/Replacing cracked paddle shaft

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If the split is between your hands you may get away with a wrapped repair but if it's under a hand or between a hand and the blade I would defenitly replace the shaft. A repair could cost as much as a replacement shaft.
Contacting Robson would be a good start.

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