Request for a new Scottish WW Guidebook please!

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Request for a new Scottish WW Guidebook please!

Post by banzer »

I know this was mentioned a few months ago, but the recent announcement of a hydro scheme on the Kiachnish plus the imminent loss of the Pattack as we know it has prompted this post.

I believe that the WW community needs to show it is active, and to demonstrate that there are many other rivers that get paddled that aren't in the guidebook. If they can dam certain well known rivers that are in the book, what hope do the ones that aren't in it have? Part of the (so far) successful story of the Braan is that paddlers have been able to demonstrate how popular the river is. A good way of proving how active and popular we are as a sport is to publish.

I personally could contribute 10+ new guides to a book and there are many others (Andersons, Biggins, Browns... and that's just the start of the alphabet) that have done way more than me. I don't believe in 'keeping them to yourself' as the more people know about these runs, the more they will get paddled and the more rivers we might have a chance of saving. This will not mean that your favourite secret run suddenly becomes deluged with paddlers. How often do you sit in a traffic jam of kayaks on anything but the Etive, or Garry / Moriston on release days? 95% of people will still go to the same old favourites.

How about the Ling for instance: creeky in the upper stretches, big volume gorge further down. Too good not to share!


Neil, others, any idea when / if this is happening? Anyone going to take it on? Us armchair warriors that don't currently get chance to paddle much would be eternally grateful!

P.S. Disclaimer- I am not necessarily saying any of these were '1st Ds', they're just not written up yet.
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Re: Request for a new Scottish WW Guidebook please!

Post by Kizzie_St-As »

Yes please!

I would volunteer my services for this. I don't have any new river guides, but I have updated versions of some of the current guides that are out of date, vague or wrong (these mostly consist of scribbles in the margins of my guide book).

I could do other stuff too, like proof reading, map making, etc.
Online stuff is all very nice, but there's nothing quite like paging through the guide book on a rainy day in the highlands...
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Re: Request for a new Scottish WW Guidebook please!

Post by neil.farmer »

If anyone has information on new runs to add to the guidebook or amendments to existing rivers, please do email me & I will collate information for now. neil.farmer AT or AT

There was a recent (very minor) update of the second edition printed. After the initial sales, I think that they have been relatively slow to move. However, it is a commercial enterprise & if there were lots of new rivers to add, I am sure PesdaPress would consider a vol.3!

I would be happy, with others to collate & organise a vol.3.
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Re: Request for a new Scottish WW Guidebook please!

Post by Mark R »

WW guidebooks do sell slowly. 'English Whitewater' took about a decade from 2002 to sell its first edition print run of 3500(?) copies. I don't know how well the much-improved second edition is selling, but I don't see it high on the Amazon lists. My sea kayaking book (a guide to just SW England!) was released in 2008 and is on its second edition and third print run...I understand this is typical.
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Re: Request for a new Scottish WW Guidebook please!

Post by Notters »

It would be good to see a new and updated guidebook as there are a fair few changes to some rapids, access/egress for rivers. not to mention all the rivers up in Torridon/Galloway etc there's probably a few that need shortened descriptions and or removed due to lack of use/interest as well.
What are peoples thoughts on format, same as existing / same as new lakes guide. I liked the way the old lakes guide was set out, but from what I've seen its improved again.
Don't mind helping if I can.


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