Source to Sea of the Tyne

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Source to Sea of the Tyne

Post by bearcrayston »

Hi All,

Myself and a couple of mates are thinking of doing a source to sea trip down the River Tyne and were just wondering if it is possible to paddle right from Kielder Dam?

Any other hints/tips/comments would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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Big Henry
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Re: Source to Sea of the Tyne

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A group did this in March this year, you could PM the author of this thread for advice. If I remember correctly, he wanted to paddle from Kielder village but the very top part of the reservoir is a nature reserve or something, so you'd have to either miss it out or do a quick bandit run.

Billy The Fisherman
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Re: Source to Sea of the Tyne

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Last time I paddled the top of the river we couldn’t get in right under the dam and needed to go downriver a little.

Most of the river is moving fast enough to help you in the upper reaches, by the time you reach Hexham you are only half way and the water starts to slow. Watch the weir there and at Wylam if the water is up, and I’d avoid the Riding Mill abstraction point from what I remember.

I know a few lads that did the full river years ago; fit lads that were worn out by the time they reached Tynemouth in one long slog. The river is tidal after Wylam and the further down river you go the more it will help or hinder you, so I’d plan to arrive at Tynemouth just before low water on a big tide. The river from Newcastle down can be busy so good lights and VHF radio contact with the “Tyne VTS” on ch12 would be prudent.

Good luck

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Re: Source to Sea of the Tyne

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Make sure you portage the weir at Riding Mill, there has been 4 fatalities in the last 2 years.
It's not worth the risk..!

Paddle well, Have fun.

Lloyd Allin

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