On the subject of storage....

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On the subject of storage....

Post by scarymary »

How do people store their drysuit in between paddling trips??

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by eeonz »

If it isn't going to be used for a while, then I make sure mine is dry then roll it up. The latex seals get some treatment with McNetts seal saver. Roll from the feet upwards, then make sure the TiZips are closed and are lying flat. Brass BDM zips need to stay open I believe.

When I was guiding every day, I would hang my drysuit up on the biggest hanger I could find, inside out. The inside needs to be dry, but the outside is only going to get wet again... Then when you have more time off the river, try to get the whole thing dry.
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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by Xan »

Mines it always rinsed and hung up. Generally its left that way until the night before I go out a trip when it's put in my paddling bag. Saves wear and tear where the zips hit the fabric when rolled/folded up.

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by Seedy Paddler »

Another on the rinse and dried then hung up on a hanger in the cupboard, not being getting as much use of late as I have been taking the loon out in slalom boats. So shorts, bare feet and top deck, rather than drysuit and wet boots.

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by Adrian Cooper »

I hang mine in the garage, first inside out because that's how it arrives from the river then turn it back after a day or two. It stays hung up until next use.

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by Jim »

Try to avoid tightly rolling or folding it, if you have to, make sure it is rolled or folded loosely. Best option is to hang it, but mine usually just goes in the kit pile loosely folded (once dry, it spends most of it's time over the shower rail or bannisters).

Try to avoid exposing the inside to direct heat, most waterproof membranes delaminate when exposed to heat - if you hang it inside out do it in the shade and not beside a heater, if you are hanging in full sun or by a heater keep it the right way out and then use a sponge or towel to mop out the puddles in the feet.

Lube the zip regularly before storing, but and especially with tizips, avoid excess lubrication which just clogs the teeth.

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by Chalky723 »

Dried, rolled loosely and stored in a bag on top of the wardrobe.....

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by Kayak Mike »

damp in the kitbag in the back of my car, but the seals keep perishing

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by osb »

However you store it, the important thing to remember is that all openings are lubed and the stretchy bits are dried properly after use.

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Re: On the subject of storage....

Post by MikeB »

For zips, this from Kokatat - "Metal tooth zippers should be partially closed with the zipper slide left about 4 inches open. This will help alleviate pressure on the sealing elements. Plastic water tight zippers should be stored in the entirely closed position. Store either hanging or loosely rolled."

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