Unusual Boat storage

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Unusual Boat storage

Post by scarymary »


Just wondered if anyone has ideas for where to store boats. I live in a terraced house, with the only access to the garden is through the house.

I have 2 boats, a play boat and a creek boat...struggling to find somewhere to store them which doesn't cost the earth.

Any suggestions??

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by Xan »

I have an 8x6 shed that I use. I buid a bench that lies and an angle so that the 8ft + creek boat can lie across it then the play boat nestles in on top bow to sterm. Fits a treat, but I did have to measure it a few times to make sure it fit. I have a Pyranha Karnali in medium so most boats similar size should fit no problem. That allows me still to have space for bikes, tents, tools etc.

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by Adrian Cooper »

You can get sheds quite cheaply. eg

http://www.buyshedsdirect.co.uk/garden- ... Ak_r8P8HAQ

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by Slime »

I did hear about a guy who hung his boats along the front of the house.

I guess you could say they are Christmas decorations and just fine if they are red and green.

Purple and green might go down well in say Brixton - maybe red, white and blue in other areas?

Could be a great little media story.......

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by MikeVeal »


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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by Jim »

I used to live in a 3rd floor flat, I generally had 4 boats stored in the flat, 2 playboats, my topo and a cut down C1. Each was stood on one end leaning into a corner or another boat. Obviously it depends on your boat lengths and ceiling heights, I had high ceilings in the flat, my house ceilings are I think 2.57m so not nearly as much clearance for the playboats (both about 2.5m) and I doubt the burn (?m) would really fit at all, although if it can be manouevred in the angle of lean might just make it work.

If you think getting your boats through the front door and along the hallway is a pain in the rear, add 6 flights of stairs before you seek sympathy from me :)

Currently my long boats (sea kayaks, canoes, old skool boats) take up room in my garage, my playboats, burn and cut down live in the conservatory. I made shelving to support growbags for my tomatoes that fits over a playboat laid on it's side, so the playboats are effectively right out of the way under the tomatoes (one of the legs has to be rotated up to get a boat in or out). If had made the shelving wider I could have got the burn under instead of one of the playboats, but at the moment it and the C1 just lean up against one of the playboats/shelving legs.

My top tip, especially if storing in a warm house, is don't lie boats flat on their hulls or decks and stack them, you will end up oil-canning the bottoms, make sure they are either stored on edge or on end (much stiffer in those directions, no risk of oil-canning).

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by swimboater »

I also live in a terraced house. My playboat is stored in the loft - lots of space up there but cover the cockpit as you don't want to get dust from the loft insulation inside.
I previously lived in a flat where I kept my boat stood up on end in the corner of my bathroom.

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by DaveBland »

I think unless you want to snuggle with it/them at night your only option is to bung a tarp over them and carry them through. At leadt they will be clean and dry when you are knocking pots off your shelf and cushions off your sofa as you navigate Victorian architects disregard for kayaking...

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by davedraperdesign »

I made a 'bag' out of tarpaulin for each of my boats and left them in the back garden of one of my old houses. If you are precious about paintwork etc in the house, put them in the tarp before you carry through the house and it will help stop water splashing out of the boat. Remember if storing outside boats should be covered to protect from UV degradation to the plastic. Ensure that boats are well drained before storing in 'bags' as heat will cause moisture to make seats go mouldy and will corrode metal fittings.

If there is potential for someone climbing over and pinching your boats. I would consider a ground anchor and locks. You can pick up anchor, chain and lock bundles for about £20 on amazon/ebay. I would recommend using if you have a shed too... having recently had a bike pinched from a locked garage, I appreciate that thieves will go to any lengths!

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by Sickboy »

The council will have garages to rent locally, depending on how horrible they are they can be very cheap, even here in the smoke they start from £5 p/wk. They are tucked away all over the place. Maybe a waiting list, we had to wait 2 months.
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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by kayak1 »

Ask a friend or a relatives garage/Shed that you can have access to when you want to.. or make contact with other paddlers that live near you and ask them for help.

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Re: Unusual Boat storage

Post by Yellow boat »

Join a club with a boat shed and store there.

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