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cags for a club

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can anyone recommend good cheap cags for a club? What I think we need are basic long sleeve cags with no latex, as latex struggles with sitting in a shed through several winters and also struggles with abuse from beginners when they're a bit too keen to remove it after an adrenaline fuelled first trip on the river. We bought really basic cags the last time, but they were really lightweight and had velcro neck closures, they just weren't up to the job of keeping a beginner warm enough when they're first heading out on the water around Easter time. Kogg used to make a cag that had a neoprene neck and wrist seals, but sadly Kogg are long gone and I haven't seen the equivalent from anyone else in recent years.
Any suggestions?

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Re: cags for a club

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No idea if they're still being produced but we have had Ventex cags going for years with alright neoprene neck and wrist seals

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Re: cags for a club

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I hear what you say about latex and a few years back i struggled to find what i wanted (for the price), but for the birmingham uni lot i went out and bought a bulk of Palm vertigo's - neo neck and latex wrists as i figured that even ripped latex with the velcro around it would hold out most water - but....3 years on with standard student abuse and none (?!) of the latex wrists have gone. Theres a little delamination in the material in a couple of them but overall i would say they suit club purpose really well. we bought 16 of them and still have....16! Think we paid £60ish each for them as a bulk order but cant remember. - a sandwich bar in Llangollen.

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