The future?

Inland paddling
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Mark R
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The future?

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Mark Rainsley

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Re: The future?

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I bet it's a bugger to turn round corners....
Old School?? I miss my AQII..
Graham Stradling

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Big Henry
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Re: The future?

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Do they do a version for creek boating!?!

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David Fairweather
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Re: The future?

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I remember this cropping up a few years ago. Looks like it has come along nicely.

I wonder what it's like in a side wind?

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Re: The future?

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If it uses V foils a side wind shouldn't be too bad, they are pretty good at self levelling.

I suspect it will be limited to sprint distance though because it will take some effort to get on the foils. Although it should take less effort to drive when foil borne, if you slow and drop it back in the water it will take a lot of effort to get it back up again, so for anything long distance or with portages or other reasons to cause it to drop back into the water, it will probably wear the paddler out before the end (although miles ahead of the competition).

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Re: The future?

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Personally I prefer the surf version

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