Angling club signs on rivers

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David Fairweather
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Angling club signs on rivers

Post by David Fairweather »

In Ticino, Switzerland, they have got this spot on.


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Re: Angling club signs on rivers

Post by jamiemagee »

Is it just more or is the fisherman giving the middle finger?

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Randy Fandango
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Re: Angling club signs on rivers

Post by Randy Fandango »

I thought the angler was shaking his fist....

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Re: Angling club signs on rivers

Post by Angut »

Why be negative. That is what we do on the Trent. A freindly greeting and avoid the guy's lines. It is only a small minority of anglers that are hostile. It is just that they make more noise.

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Big Henry
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Re: Angling club signs on rivers

Post by Big Henry »

I would suggest that they aren't being negative, they are being humorous through the use of parody. Practically everyone on here has experienced the extremes of "get orf my river" through to "hi, having a nice paddle? - Yes thanks, caught anything yet?" There is very little water about at the minute, so fun is sought wherever it can be found!

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Wildswimmer Pete
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Re: Angling club signs on rivers

Post by Wildswimmer Pete »

When I was swimming in the River Severn at Shrewsbury a couple of weeks ago I had a very nice chat with an angler - he was interested in the water temp and wasn't bothered about my swimming there. Looks like anglers in general have accepted the large number of open water swimmers now taking to our rivers.

My sister lives in Shrewsbury so I usually at get least a couple swims in the Severn when I stay with her.

Wildswimmer Pete
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Dave Manby
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Re: Angling club signs on rivers

Post by Dave Manby »

I could name some others who swim in the Severn but they bought me beers to keep my mouth shut!

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