Smelly helmet

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Smelly helmet

Post by 66quinny66 »

Yes, I realise I'm leaving myself wide open here...
My previous helmet was a Gath Gedi with foam inserts. Gets wet, goes in the garage, comes out, no problem. Done the same thing with my Sweet Wanderer and it's starting to get a bit whiffy. What's the best way of dealing with this?

Liz S
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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by Liz S »

You could wash it in the bath with a bit of washing powder/liquid if it really smells. Just give it a swish about then rinse and then leave it to dry in the garden.I rinse all my stuff in the bath(just water) and dry it outside and it never smells rivery.

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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by jamiemagee »

Milton sterilising stuff might be worth a go too. Local outdoor spot uses it on their wetsuits

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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by sprintpaddler »

I never use a harsh detergent on the helmet or any of my kit. Big bucket of warm water with Sanex ( bath soap ), Savlon disinfectant, & a good squirt of Olbas, the latter making the kit smell good......particularly the helmet!

Richard Gunton
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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by Richard Gunton »

You wash your helmets why? A bit of a smelly helmet never hurt anyone in fact its a sign it being regularly used.

James :)
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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by James :) »

I <3 this forum

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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by Teaman »

Baby shampoo. Job done. Or you could spray your helmet with fabreeze. Should stop people complaining about the wiff .:-D

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Re: Smelly helmet

Post by osb »

I get mine checked thoroughly every day or so.

I prefer to use a free service which has an element of reciprocation involved. I understand that there are paid-for equivalents, but would be wary of the standard of the cleaning equipment if I ever had to use such a service.

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