Shoulder Injury Survey

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Adrian Cooper
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Shoulder Injury Survey

Post by Adrian Cooper »

Sometimes a subject is so obvious one wonders why we haven't thought of it before. One of the most common injuries in paddlesport is the dislocated shoulder. So why hasn't the BCU done even some very basic research into this in order to provide useful advice to their membership. The subject crops up on here with remarkable regularity.

Anyway, the new edition of CODE contains a page from the good chaps at Loughborough Univsersity who are attempting to gather some useful information which I guess they will disseminate in due course.

Please check their survey at:

They are looking for contributions from both sufferers and non-sufferers.

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Re: Shoulder Injury Survey

Post by damppaddler »

>So why hasn't the BCU done....

... sort out river access
... provide clubs with decent advice
... be able to answer simple questions on the phone
the list is endless

what they have done is spend lots of tax payers money employing themselves and winning a few medals in the olympics

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Re: Shoulder Injury Survey

Post by DuncanOH »

The question "What type of paddling were you doing when..." and all of the white-water disciplines are competitive. River-running/creeking doesn't really come under either of these categories, and this is where I think most people I know get their injuries!

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Re: Shoulder Injury Survey

Post by DaveBland »

Good on them for doing a survey.

I filled it in but was also surprised that there was no specifics of what was going on with the injury.
A broad category for Rolling/high bracing/polo shooting/paddle snagged/non specific-steady wear and tear/ etc, would maybe have thrown up some interesting facts about the reality of what causes injuries.

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Re: Shoulder Injury Survey

Post by Rdscott »

To long winded,my injury was caused by one incident,it has been a recurring thing in my daily life caused by the same incident. I had to answer the same questions 5 or 6 times.

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Re: Shoulder Injury Survey

Post by sundaykayaker »

Did the survey.
For white water kaykers.
Carrying a 20kg kayak on your shoulder creating a point load on part of a body that is not intended to carry such a load.
Must trigger some long term pain. Combine that with moving in difficult terrain.
Just a thought.
My right shoulder is now under constant pain. And can't get rid of it.

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