Broken AT Blades

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mark Hirst
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Broken AT Blades

Post by mark Hirst »

I have a broken pair of AT blades That I would love to get repaired. Huge chunk missing out of one of the blades roughly 5cm x5cm
I did not buy the blades in the uk and have had them sat in the garage at home for a few years.

Anyone know the best way to get them repaired through AT

I cannot find the uk importer

many thanks

Icelandic kayak & raft

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Re: Broken AT Blades

Post by eeonz »

I thought Palm were the importer? Your outdoor resource!

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Re: Broken AT Blades

Post by sarajames »

Try Nomad slalom kayaks in Llangollen . They fixed my AT 2 flexi 3 years ago and it is still going ! I think that one of the guys that did the fibre glass work may have now left but I'm sure someone here will know where he went !

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Re: Broken AT Blades

Post by ion »

Don't bother with the factory, AT is more a brand than a company now..they off shored the manufacturing to China and closed the factory in Oregon. As Sara said find yourself a local handy with glass repair work..if you were in Cali I'd do it for you, but Iceland is a little out of my territory!

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Re: Broken AT Blades

Post by Yew »

eeonz wrote:I thought Palm were the importer?
I would imagine so, they are both part of Confluence

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Re: Broken AT Blades

Post by WRK »

AT are now made in America again.

Palm don't import them anymore.

Liam Kirkham

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