Flood Tourism

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Flood Tourism

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From sotp

This happened today in Langport on the levels, flood tourism by people who weren't wearing any safety gear, who didn't realise where the flood waters ended and the river started, in near freezing water. What the photo doesn't show is a hundred yards further down is the stone road bridge that they could have been pinned under. I actually feel physically sick about how near fatal this was. So glad they managed to get out but can I reiterate as has been said many times on this forum before.. FLOOD WATERS AND HIGH FAST FLOWING RIVERS ARE DANGEROUS.

The river is fast and meters deep

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Re: Flood Tourism

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I think that news report could benefit from a video, sped up slightly, with the Benny Hill music to complete the set-up.
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Re: Flood Tourism

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Not going to paddle the Medway until it drops, those bridges look mighty close to the water in many places, the trees & debris in the river is astonishing, and the volume & speed of the water recently has been pretty impressive.

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