Clough near Sedbergh

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Mr Mark Pugh
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Clough near Sedbergh

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I'm thinking of paddling the Clough near Sedbergh this weekend but the rain is looking hit and miss. So, on the Rawthey EA gauge, what would be considered a scrape level, low level, medium level etc. I have seen one video and 1.2m looks high.

Any help very much appreciated


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Re: Clough near Sedbergh

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Hi Mark,

I would use 1.2 on the Rawthey as a minimum for the lower and 1.5 as worth a drive to the upper as that's when it starts to run.

Its surprising how much difference in levels there can be between the two parallel valleys!

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Mike M
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Re: Clough near Sedbergh

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Hate to tell you but your 'knitting fog with this' !! It goes up & down in a matter of hours ! I would offer to mail levels but outin Saturday :-( basically keep an eye on Sedbergh weather if it rains heavily for couple of hours it should run. rain chasers is not a particularly good indicator I'm afraid to say and yes it does vary by valley eg rawthey runs but Clough dry. Don't be tempted to run it low as it doesn't do it justice !
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Re: Clough near Sedbergh

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Re: Clough near Sedbergh

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I have said this a few time regards the gauge for the Clough, it is completely useless. The gauge is situated at brigflats which is on the lower Rawthey. At this point the river is made up of the Upper Rawthey, Clough and the Dentdale Dee. The only use for the gauge is if you want to paddle the lower or/and to give an indicator that there has been some rain.

I have paddled the Clough bankful to enter the rawthey completely empty. Some pretty cool eddy line colours formed at the confluence. On the flip side I have seen the Rawthey "going" and the Clough not so much.

Its worth it tho, cracking river with water in it. To be honest not that difficult to catch, if its been wet (properly) 9 times out of 10 it will be on (but does drop quick).

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Re: Clough near Sedbergh

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I can agree with 'knitting fog with this'. Paddled the Clough two weeks ago after rain in that area all night. Turned up to find the Rawthey on empty. The Clough had enough (lowish) water and it was still raining. As we Joined the confluence with the Rawthey we found it had shot up to a good medium in the short time it took to paddle.

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Re: Clough near Sedbergh

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A few weeks ago on a wet Saturday Andy G and I paddled a rising Duddon (should have got on for another lap as it was getting fruity) then headed over to the Sprint for mid-afternoon. It was ma-hoo-sive and brown so I said, let's go do the Clough. Good job too, as there was apparently a tree in it. Crossed the Lune - that was big. Got to the the Clough and Rawthey - not a sniff! Aaargh! The rain had stayed in the Lakes. Couldn't believe that two rivers within fifteen / twenty miles of each other could be so different.

That said, the Clough is a great river! Constant interest right till the end.
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