Pyranha H3(255) or Diesel 75

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Pyranha H3(255) or Diesel 75

Post by buck197 »

Hi I'm somewhere between novice and intermediate on WW and am going to invest in a new boat. Have tried the H3 which is nice and will be trying the Diesel 75 this weekend, weather permitting on the Loop. Any suggestions or comments on these two designs or alternatives. I just want to run rivers and smile a lot!


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Post by RichA »

The Diesel will be a bit more playful than the H3, but if you want to progress quickly to running steeper rivers you may want to consider the H3 as it will be slightly more forgiving of mistakes you make. However, the reverse is that you will learn quickly not to make mistakes, ie by running grade 4 in a playboat you would learn faster than if you ran it in a
'creek' boat. I'm not suggesting you do run grade 4 in a playboat!
You'll be able to pick up a second hand H3 cheaper than a Diesel if that's a point worth considering for you.

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Post by CHOWSH »

I'm in a similar position to you, I tried H3 and a LL Hoss but eventually got a Mamba. The Hoss was nice but I couldn't find any 2nd hand for reasonable money. I was put off the H3 as I had an I4 and the fittings were water soluble, first time wet and bits got loose and plastic rivets disappeared.

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James Hartley
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Post by James Hartley »

LL Hoss or Lil' Joe, depending on how big you are (or if your rather small, the trigger) Ideal river runners, large enough to be comfy, do what ever you want out of them, and the backrest is probabaly the best in the market
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Post by simplemedlyn »

I paddle the Diesal 75. top boat have paddled it no hard gorges and on grade 2 trips. a great river runner with a flat hull, it has a bit more volume than the h3.

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Post by steveparry »

How's this? If you run grade 4 in a playboat you would learn very little about river running skills because the boat isn't designed for it. It will not do many things or let you get many places a river boat would? So you may learn faster but you would learn a lot less???

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Post by Wondergirl »

I have a Diesel 65 and its really rather nice. I think the 75 is massive though so would probably be worth trying both sizes.

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Post by Tom_Laws »

James Hartley wrote: the backrest is probabaly the best in the market

Mine is now in my H3, I had a joe, but it was too small, or I was too big, one of the two, so it got a bit playful at times....!

Loving the H3!


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Ryan Clements
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Post by Ryan Clements »


Can't really offer any input on the Diesel but I've been paddling an H3(255) for a while now and really like it.

I paddled a Salto for a long time and changing to the H3 was the best thing I could have done. The 255 is a big boat but I find it very easy to move about for its size, it boofs well, has enough speed, and is really comfy too.

Ok, it's probably not the most durable boat on the market but this is made up for with an exellent design (in my opinion). I paddled it this summer in Switzerland, Austria and Norway and had no complaints whether it was big volume or rocky drops.

The H3 has my vote.

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Post by buck197 »

Thanks for all that and I did forget to put I'm 6'2" and 14.5 stone and find it difficult to fit in shorter boats, my size 11's. I have to say i'm somewhat confused but hopefully the mist will clear after I have trialled the Diesel on the Dart this weekend. Thank you to the rain gods for wetting us.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain, as I sit here in Plymouth its lashing it down, wonderful.

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james fleming
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Post by james fleming »

Yeah...I "had" a Diesel 75 wrote it off on the third river.

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a boy named sue
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Post by a boy named sue »

H3 all the way, just started to river run this year and am loving the H3. Have used it on some big drops and some nice grade 4 runs, looked after me so far!

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Post by SANDY0728 »

H3 all the way.

I've had a 255 for a year or so, been loverly.

I've got gangly long legs so find most boats uncormfortable but the H3 has loads of room.
It feels like a bit of a barge when you first paddle it, but after 5 minutes its sweet. Does everything I ask and probably capable of much more.


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Post by adventurer185 »

There does seem to be lots of H3s around in the UK with most people loving the way them paddle - must be a good thing!
I have a Diesel 65 and am unbelievably happy with it! I love the flat hull with edges for carving into eddies and across the current on ferry glides. The volume is less than your full-on creekboat which means it will 'play' too. Took it surfing and it handles really nicely as well as being fast and predictable.
I have come from a playboat paddling background though which is why it suits me. H3 is probably just as sweet.
If you do get a go in a Diesel it sounds like you'd be wanting the 75 not the 65.
Another thing to possibly consider is second hand value. Diesel will prob get you more money (although you'll prob have to buy one new).
Anyone else got a Diesel that they wont let go of? (Notice the lack of Diesels on the 2nd hand market!)

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Post by ol »

Yeah, I get on really well with my Diesel, its a great boat. As said above though, it has slightly less volume than a full on creeker and this is obvious now and again.

I have been thinking that I would like to trade it in some time for a bigger boat such as a Nomad but I can't bear to move from Wavesport outfitting!
james fleming wrote:Yeah...I "had" a Diesel 75 wrote it off on the third river.
To be fair,this could happen to any boat on the 1st or the 1000th river......
My Diesel has taken some heavy abuse,including a fair few heavy pitons,but it is so far bloodied but unbowed!Just depends howfortunate or unfortunate your landing is......

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Post by buck197 »

Well I had a demo Diesel 75 and it was superb on Sunday on the Dart. My Ferrying and Eddying improved considerably, was it the boat or am I improving, guess a bit of both. I shall go surfing one afternoon this week but it looks like an order is imminent.

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james fleming
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Post by james fleming »

It's not just about getting the right boat...remember to get a snazzy colour.

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Post by jcr »

Recently purchased a Diesel 65, after paddling a Perception sparc for two years. Really like it, outfitting good and comfortable, good stability and feels responsive. Great confidence booster. Not tried rolling it yet though. The one I got has the old style seat, they are now fitting the same seat in the Diesels as the Y and it is not as good.

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dagger cfs N bliss stick huka

Post by Ricks-Freestyle-Mind »

I am currently on the search for a second boat, and have been keen on the dagger cfs which you can pick up for around £250. Does anyone have any opinions on these boats, how they handle, boof, manouvarability......
Also what do people think of the Blis stick Huka?


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