Show us yer Racks

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Show us yer Racks

Post by -Ginge- »

Looking for pictures of kayak/ canoe storage solutions. I have a pile of kayaks arriving next week for our club and need a solution to store them. Not sure the current solution is the best. Upright? Flat? Racks or Shelves? How do you keep yours? Particularly interested in club racking solutions for 10+ boats. Also any ideas on storage for cags, wetsuits and b/a s?

Thanks for any help, pictures appreciated.

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Re: Show us yer Racks

Post by Wadhamite »

My club has one three-shelf and one four-shelf rack (built ourselves). One is short for WW boats, the other has a collection of open canoes, sea kayaks, tourers and a double kayak. We use very long bicycle cable lock-chains and padlocks to lock the ww boats up through their handles. The open canoes and other long boats are protected by a metal grille door. We have more of the metal grille as kit drying rack (not secure).

Here's the old rack before we built a second one: Image
LV induction guide:

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Re: Show us yer Racks

Post by Eagles97 »

At our club all of the kayaks are inside so none of them are locked up but we've just got wooden shelving for WW boats fiberglass slalom boats and racing k1 and k2's and all of our general purpose teaching boats are standing on end in vertical racks with our open boats stacked on top of each other in our other boat house.Will post some pics on Saturday when i'm at the lake.

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Re: Show us yer Racks

Post by 4starmike »

All of our club boats are stored inside. A couple of years ago we had a refit in the store, as we had 16+ more boats that we needed to store & little additional space for them (photos below, are from that time). Canoes & SUP boards are stored all together towards the back, along with the trolleys. Whilst Kayaks, Paddles & other boats are stored towards the front.


Each kayak "cage" has three rows of kayaks & each row is strapped together, to prevent a giant game of dominos from happening (which has happened a few times, previously), when boats get removed. One cage holding Play & Kids boats, another Touring, SOT's & Comp boats, one that holds boats that can't fit into the others & finally the last holding the WW & GP boats. Four kayak "cages" in total.


My old university group has/ had a similar system, back in the day. They had individual bays made up of scaffolding poles/ wood, which would house individual boats. At the very back, they had four shelves for boats, that were too long to stand upright. The Duo &/ or wavehoppers would sit above the play boats.


Their buoyancy aids & decks were kept on hooks, within their store. It was fine & kept them out of the way when not in use. However once people were trying to grab boats & other kit from the store, particularly when numbers were high, it became a little manic.


My current club keep Decks & Buoyancy Aids on Trolleys, which get wheeled in & out at every weekly session & stay in a corridor we made, between the boat cages. Trolleys that hold the cags & BA's have metal hangers that can't be taken off the trolleys. Paddles are stored in wheely bins & again, get wheeled in & out, during weekly sessions. Definitely helps reduce the amount of people, in the store.


Somehow they all fit (& hopefully we have a bit more space, for a few more boats soon).

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Re: Show us yer Racks

Post by harry_paddle »

rich- thats a very scary photo of you
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Re: Show us yer Racks

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[quote="harry_paddle"]rich- thats a very scary photo of you[/quote

You love it harry, a slightly younger and much less hairy looking me.

Depending on the boats your storing standing on end is an excellent option in my eyes, how ever if the boats are glass or carbon i would discourage it, the other issue comes if you want a boat at the back of the clubs racking system you have to take all the boats out in frount of it to access the desired boat.

If i was to go back and rebuild the rack now possibly without getting chased round the room with a stapel gun this time... I would look at a bigger system along the lines of the surrey uni rack allowing indivdual boats to be picked but this all depends on if there all used at once or individualy, thankfully most of the time our clubs are all out then All back in for club nights.

Show use what space you have to store boats and lets see what we can come up with :) mike was a genius when it came to working it out.


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