GoPro helmet mount advice

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GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by smidgy »

I just bought myself a new GoPro and i'm looking for the best way to attach it to my helmet. I've seen a lot of people mount it to the top of the helmet with just an adhesive mount but i know that it is then more exposed to knocks when paddling or rolling.I really like the idea of the specific helmet mount as it puts it in a safer position and allows it to be turned back to point at my face. The thing is the helmet i have is the protec two face helmet, witch has a small peak. has anyone used a helmet mount on there kayaking helmet and if so dose their helmet has a peak like mine n how did it go?

I've added photos of my helmet and how the GoPro helmet mount is usually used. what advice do you have for me?

Thanks guys



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Re: GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by damppaddler »

Adding a gopro will effect the balance of the helmet

I have mounted mine slight front of Center on the top and it does pull the front of the helmet down (especially when I mount 2 gopros in the 3d case) - I would expect mounting a gopro directly on the front might make it uncomfortable

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Re: GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by ol »

That mount is still an adhesive mount. It's a pretty standard mount but you use the various arms and elbows available to achieve the angle you want. You could still mount it how you want with a peak but you would need to use a couple off extension sections.

It can always get knocked off, it's a risk you have to take really but you can attach a small lanyard from the camera to your helmet strap in case it does get knocked off. They're pretty solid though.

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Re: GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by Unsponsored »

Just make sure that the mount sticky pad is warm when you put it in place and keep pressure on it so it get a firm hold. I have seen folk put the mount just above the peak on the Protec lids.

Loads of GoPro/Kayak stuff here -

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Re: GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by TechnoEngineer »

After having mine knocked off at Lee Valley, I'm looking at getting one of these....
Has anyone used them with a Sweet Rocker with the visor attached?
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Re: GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by garya »

What about someone designing a mount that utilised the existing visor mounting screws and holes located on the sweet rocker helmet. Might make an interesting project for an engineering student somewhere.

Its a shame the helmet manufacturers cant come up with a universal mount and incorporate into the helmet design like the NVG mounting plates on most other helmets.

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Re: GoPro helmet mount advice

Post by geyrfugl »

Adding a gopro will effect the balance of the helmet
Easy - add two for balance !


Hero3 on the front (with extra battery pack) and legacy Hero2 on the back.

But just the one on the front doesn't make a lot of difference - as a caver I carried a heavy carbide lamp on the front of my helmet for years - you get used to it very quickly and as long as the cradle is adjusted correctly, the helmet isn't going to fall in front of your eyes...

The self-adhesive mounts are a bit flaky, though, especially if your helmet has the wrong curve or is at all scratched. Mine are solid wood M6-bolted through the plastic. Haven't had the nerve to do that with a new and/or expensive helmet though :-)


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