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Tim Maud
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Dagger Europe

Post by Tim Maud »

As it is a dry weekend, I thought I would let you know that the new Dagger Europe web site is now live. So if your not going to the beach you can surf at home.
Keep checking back as the news, team and events sections get updated.
I hope people like it.
Tim Maud

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Mark R
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Post by Mark R »

Nice...I particularly like the way that you can make a row of kayaks 'dance'.

BUT switch the annoying little *beeps* off!
Mark Rainsley

Tim Maud
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Post by Tim Maud »

guidebook wrote:BUT switch the annoying little *beeps* off!
It has been noted.
The web designer told me to turn my volume down!! (It was a joke!)
It will be sorted after the week end!!
Tim Maud

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Post by lozbrown »

Excellent Site!

And a much needed update.

A few points/Questions

- firstly a heads up, Marsports address is wrong, they moved from there.

- in the Team D section afetr I'd clicked on Austria, I couldnt seem to get any of the other countrys up

- Arnt there alot more of team D, like Flea Javie?

- what does volume ajustable footplate mean and how is this different to a full plate footrest?

- are cotwold still dealer, I thought theyd got out of the boat market?

- Briliant Briliant site

I hope you apreciate that I'm not trying to gripe about it, but as a web designer I appreciate that if you dont know its wrong you carnt fix it

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Post by RichA »

I can't use the back button on my browser (IE 6.0, XP SP2). Is this a feature of the site, or a problem?

Tim Maud
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Post by Tim Maud »

Thanks Loz,
I'll get the addresses changed on Monday.
Things like the Team D section need updating and hopefully will get a lot more input from the actual team members.

The volume adjustable foot plates are one that you can make the plate bigger if you move the foot-plate up the boat. (did that make sense?) It fills any gaps.

Rich, not sure why your back button doesn't work, I'll check it out on Monday.

Tim Maud

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Post by Rep341 »

on the discontinued line of kayaks the Crossfire link doesn't seem to load.
But I suppose it IS discontinued!
All the gear..no idea!

Steve B
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And ...

Post by Steve B »

When you hover over the colours pop-up, the cursor rather disconcertingly disappears :(

But despite that :) - a really good web site. Graphics are good and not too intrusive. Nice one Dagger Europe.
Steve Balcombe

Lil Miss Boater
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Post by Lil Miss Boater »

Just looking about on new site and noticed the telephone for the Shepherds Bush dealer Cotswold Camping, the telephone number is wrong it is 0181 when it should be 0208. I know thats finickety but other than that its pretty cool and easy to navigate!!
"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him learn it within himself." Galileo

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Post by kib »

I wouldnt worry about the Cotswold info. Last time I worked for the Cotswold company the Shepards Bush shop was being flattenered for a new shopping centre. Not vital information but something I knew!! And also only the Betws -y- Coed (sp??) does any paddling stuff but it is rather limited last time I spoke to them. Couldnt get a boat on my wicked staff discount. Shame.


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Bob Flanagan III
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Post by Bob Flanagan III »

Just looked at the website. Crazy 88 6.2 is only 152L. Is that right or is it a typo? If it is then that is tiny!!! Squirt boat anyone?


king joe the third
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Post by king joe the third »

i love it... its a great website...
very cleverly done...

bravo, i take my hat off to you... well i would if i was wearing one. :(
elementary dear watson...

andy i
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Post by andy i »

Nice to see that you have used a picture of a Riot boat on the creak boat page. All be it the paddler is in Palm kit.

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Post by daKrusty »

Looks very nice!

One thing: I tried to subscribe myself to the newsletter, but it seems that nothing happens when I click on the button? Am I the only one? Don't think so ...

Pretty important as it is the primary method to stay in touch with your (potential) customers.

Otherwise it looks pretty slick!

(one other small mistake: the address of the Dutch dealer is info@arendbloem.nl, NOT info@arend.bloem.nl)





(only the best kayaking news ... restarting next week ... had a little trouble with my laptop ...)

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Post by Paul78 »

Looks cool - but where's the 'Job opportunities' section? Couldn't find the link.

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