Online Logbook Idea

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Online Logbook Idea

Post by R.Peel »


Im about to finish my 3rd year of university in a few weeks and was thinking of a medium term project I could undertake in order to develop my web development skills.

One thing that I've never been good at is keeping my logbook up to date so I thought it might be worth while developing an online system to do this - eventually this could also support offline use on smartphones / computers. My current thinking is that it's important to be able to get your data back out of the system in order to give to the BCU etc. / you just dont want to use it anymore, so I intend to create several export mechanisms and the ability to build custom reports for printing to send off. Obviusly people already have logbooks so it will need a way of importing these, I'm assuming most digital logbooks are excel spreadsheets so probably a CSV import of some kind. In addition to this I was also thinking of adding charts etc to provide a quick overview of logged trips / grades / role and so on.

So to the point - Is this something people would be intrested in using, if so what information do you need it to store for your entries, do you want seperate logs for coaching / trips / races / training or is it better to have one log that can be filtered by entry type?


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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by garya »

One log that can be filtered by type would be best as it would be easier to see all the entries for a particular year together.

The ability to link back to guide book sections here or upload documents would be good so sea kaykaers could add electroninc chart traces.

Online log book would also allow linking to vimo videos pr pictutres of the trip too would be nice. you can then have the printed version or the interactive multimeda version.

what about one thoes facebook typ maps that you can drop pins on that would link to entries in your log fro different parts of the country or internatiaonally. So you could get a geographical view of your log book.

Good luck with the project

Gary A

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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by eeonz »

The one on UK Climbing is a pretty good model to start from. Your outdoor resource!

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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by Mark Mulrain »

I usually post up something about my paddling trips on my twitter account. A very informal way of doing it but its linked with my facebook so sometimes you get a good bit of banter (specially when someone swims).

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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by R.Peel »

Thanks for the responses so far.

Could anyone tell me what information they would usually store as part of their log, would it be best just to use the format currently provided by the BCU or are theire specific sections missing / not required?

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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by Rhod »

I keep mine on an excel spreadsheet and have a counter at the bottom that tells me number of different rivers, sections and countries. Whilst a little geeky, it's great for encouraging me to do new stuff!
Rhodri Anderson

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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by Kate D »

It would be usefull if you could set it up so that it is not specific to river paddling. For a sea trip there might need to be more space for describing a route rather than just a start and finish like you might have for a river trip. Also weather conditions and tide become important. Ability to include, or link to pictures, maps and GPS trace would be good too.

Could be a good idea. Keep us informed.


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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by LSmith4285 »

I use the BCU standard layout with a few extra columns in a Excel spreadsheet which I have uploaded to Google Docs so I can update it quickly and easily from anywhere. It's also very handy for sharing with assessors etc.

I have filters for canoe and kayak and my role in the event, eg coach, leader, paddler, type of event eg. down river trip, polo etc. I like to have it all in once place but slice and dice it for whatever I need.

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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by dpround »

I like the idea. I use a paper log at the moment as I find I need to be able to update it in the field or I forget - but I have misplaced it a few times - losing it all would not be good! An online logbook seems an excellent compromise. Kayaking is a niche market, so don't expect to get rich unless you can make it more general.

All the best


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Re: Online Logbook Idea

Post by Chalky723 »

I too use an excel spreadsheet at present, with hyperlinks to my Garmin Connect routes.

I use this to track type of trip, distance, conditions (weather and level), role in group etc.

Will be interesting to see what you come up with

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