Elbow pads - Advice please

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Elbow pads - Advice please

Post by ChrisMac »


I have decided that I need some elbow pads but have no real ideas as to what works well and what doesn't. Are hard shell ones better than fabric ones? What about restricting your elbows movement? Which are good and which are best avoided?

Any words of wisdom on the subject would be gratefully received.


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Hard is good

Post by Airmiles »

I went for Race Face ones (also sold under the Roach brand) - they saved me when running a slide on my elbow about 5 seconds after my avatar was taken! They do slip a bit but you only need to wiggle them every ten mins or so - otherwise you don't really notice them.

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Elbow pads

Post by Terryg »

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Post by Poke »

I have some 661's from Desperate Measures.. hard shell with fore-arm protection and although there is a bit of slippage its not much.. I haven't taken a major trashing with them though so maybe I can't comment as well as some..
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Post by Jim »

I'm going to say it again in case Nick reads the forum and realises these are worth importing - Bomber Gear elbow pads are great!

They are a soft type that cover the entire forearm and elbow, if they slip up it's not problem because the padding goes on forever, they can't slip down very far before they slip over your hands so there is no danger of not noticing that, and rotation seems to be extremely rare. Of course people with skinnier arms may not find the fit as good.

They have saved my elbows several times on the river, and also saved my elbows and forearms in a mountain bike crash that skinned both my knees utterly - one of them wouldn't stop bleeding for 3 days after I bandaged it! The pads survived without a scratch, I use them paddling, biking and buggying - on e of my best ever investments (I do have knee/shin guards now, hard type and I don't like them as much).


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Post by MJC »

661 race elbow pads with hard armor, good for Scotland, saved my arms on some nasty near-upside down braces in south wales - i love them! (Plus they look cool)

Get them a little bit cheaper than at DM here: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/

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Elbow pads

Post by jocke »

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Post by David Fairweather »

Pretty much any mountain bike brand elbow pads are suitable although pads with a neoprene sleeve of some kind tend to slip up or down less. I've just changed from some 661 pads which just covered the elbow to some with forearm protection that I picked up in Costwolds in Bets-y-Coed for under a tenner.

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Post by ChrisMac »

Thanks everybody

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Post by Millsy »

Make friends with a Police officer. They get riot kit, and the elbow pads are excellent, and they are replaced every year or two so they get rid of the old ones.
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Post by TomW »

Just looking back at the old posts on this and I saw a question of mine that I still don't know the answer to.

Why do some people wear their elbow pads under their cag? Is it from a snag hazard point of view?

I wear mine on top of my cag, mainly so that my cag isn't trashed if I bash off a rock. But also the occasional adjustment is a lot easier.

David McCraw

Post by David McCraw »

I wear mine on top, because in either case my elbows are protected, and I don't get a lot of slippage. Wearing them underneath would just expose an expensive suit to unnecessary rippage!


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Post by Rockrat »

What do people think of the Immersion Research pads (about two thirds of the way down the page). Or the Shred Ready Tsunami Pads.
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Post by Rich C »

I found the IR elbow pads to be extremely expensive for what they offer - fairly soft pads which didn't seem to provide much in the way of protection. They also had a habit of slipping round my arm whilst performing normal paddling strokes and so I would not be able to trust that they were in the right place. Think the main thing that I didn't like was that they have no way of being tightened and so if they don't fit your arm then they can't be adjusted.

May be though that I just have small forearms and someone with bigger ones will not have these problems.

Still needing to go down to my local bike shop to see what they have there.

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