Epoxy resin

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Epoxy resin

Post by mozz_uk »

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been as stupid as me, and mixed epoxy resin in the wrong quantities? (2 part A, and 1 part B, instead of the other way round) and not realised until after they have applied it.

Obviously this isn't going to produce optimal quality, but does anyone know what the end result is likely to be? The resin has been on for about 36 hours, and is still quite tacky, but it does seem to be drying slowly. Any ideas if it will eventually dry properly? Or what I can do to solve the problem?

This is why I usually stick to plastic boats!

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Re: Epoxy resin

Post by GumGum »

Try a bit of heat on it (hairdryer).

Hard but a bit tacky could be OK - if it has no surfacing agent in it then it would be quite tacky 0n the surface for a while anyway. If it's basically hard underneath then you ocould do another proper mix and apply it over the top.

Resin/glass which is basically firm but too sticky to be sanded back can often be rasped into shape with a surform blade. If it's stayed soft and gloopy then best to scrape it all off and start again...

Most epoxies are very sensitive to incorrect mix ratios I'm afraid.

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Re: Epoxy resin

Post by Jim »

Almost certainly won't cure properly and defintiely won't reach full strength. Best bet is to scrape it off and wipe down well with thinners right now, and then start again readingthe instructions properly and getting the mix right. All manufacturers make their resins for different rations, but 2:1 is new to me, I've seen 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 but never 2:1. Oh, 1:1 for putty obviously.

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Re: Epoxy resin

Post by blurpup »


unfortunately epoxy is a lot less tolerant than polyesters/vynlyesters of poor mix ratios. It's likely to be a removal and replace if still tacky after a good cure period. For mixing very small quantities a set of small scales are ideal to ensure a good mix ratio.

If you need to remove a little heat will help to soften and scrape off.

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Re: Epoxy resin

Post by Chris Bolton »

Even if it appears to have set, you'll never be able to rely on it. I bought a boat with such resin on it; it was OK until a hot day, then just liquefied again. As above, remove now and start again, sorry!


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