Flying with paddle

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Flying with paddle

Post by guyv »

Has anyone flown BA with a paddle over 190 cm
BA are telling me this is the max size for hold luggage do people just chance it and tell check in
It’s 190 when it’s really 197 do they Measure it
Any help appreciated

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Re: Flying with paddle

Post by Jim »

4 piece split in checked bag.

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Re: Flying with paddle

Post by Chris Bolton »

It's not whether they measure them, it's what kind of space they'll fit them into. Would you want your paddle to go diagonally with something else on top?

Having seen the way airports handle luggage, I would not fly with one-piece paddle if I could avoid it. Not unless I knew I could hire a decent paddle at my destination - and if I knew that, I wouldn't need to take one.

As Jim says, a 4 piece is best, although I have seen 2 piece Wings carried in a golf bag with clothing packed around it - which was accepted, but at some point when changing flights somebody decided it didn't look like golf clubs so unpacked it for inspection, and just stuffed it all back in with the blades on the outside.

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Re: Flying with paddle

Post by frazerp »

As others have said a single paddle is pretty prone to damage, plus it will cost you a baggage item. If there are several of you we used to tape all the blades together in a bundle. Or stick splits in your large plastic suitcase (of a boat). The length shouldn’t matter, that’s just the linear dimension of the crate, it’ll go in at an angle. Boats do.

Another vote for 4-piece as the ideal solution. Or hire nowadays, most destinations have good kit and saves a lot of hassle.

Good luck,

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Re: Flying with paddle

Post by guyv »

Thanks for the advice everyone

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