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River Avon - A801 to Linlithgow

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:01 am
by Mark R

Re: River Avon - A801 to Linlithgow

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:01 pm
by RobinCole
Done this river a few times now, keep promising myself not to go back...
It's grade 2 most of the time. You can get in as far up as a Avonbridge (when the rivers high) which gives more of the same.

There's a tree right across the river (2013) just above the main Gorge, it's easy to spot and portage around. The wier just below the aquaduct should be inspected, could be nasty taken on the right or the middle, goes ok hard left. Definatly the most (and only?) serious bit on the river.

It's not bad carrying on down past Linlithogow through a second gorge by the Birkhill Clay Mines. The get out is on the little lane just off the A905 (or actually on the A905?). There's a very good surf wave down that way.

Re: River Avon - A801 to Linlithgow

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:08 pm
by Scots_Charles_River
At Linlithgow bridge, there is a river wide weir which looks easily runnable but may have towback - I have not run it so inspect.
There is also a weir after the Birkhill Caly Mine Gorge at the bottom of the Ski Slope, river wide. There is a low road bridge after this which has a nice wave and recirculating eddy at certain levels. At high levels this bridge would be impassable underneath. After this it has many tress before it becomes tidal and at below High Tide it has deep muddy banks.

A good Trip report below from Nick E

The Avon is one of Lothians unsung gems, running from Fannyside Lochs down to Boness. The best sections are from Avonbridge (good parking and river access) down to Linlithgow Bridge - around 12Km. A shorter trip is possible from where the A801 crosses the river, but the bank is steep (and long), and the parking is err dubious at best, as its right on the main road. I did the top section in the Summer in a kayak, and it was a bit scrapy, but would have been great for poling. I was a little concerned that levels might be too high given the revent rainfall, but it was fine. Levels were significantly higher this time and gave a much more enjoyable ride

The river is G2/3, with three large viaducts running overhead carrying the Union canal, railway, and ex-railway. There are a few weirs, and we had to do a few inspections, but only one walkaround was required - when the kayakers started talk of "boofing".....

We met 10.00am at the get-out - Bridge Inn, Linlithgow Bridge (basically where the A803 crosses the Avon, on the west side of Linlithgow), then consolidated vehicles and drove to the get-in at Avonbridge. The get-in can best be described as non-scenic, but within a minute or so, we were out of site of human influence....

There were 4 kayakers and me in the open, with attendees from West Lothian Kayak club, Edinburgh Kayak Club and a couple of SOTP folk. A great day overall, and a good warm-up for the North Esk trip (report pending )

Overall, the trip took about 3.5 hrs.