River Almond (Livingston, West Lothian)

Rivers south of Glasgow
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River Almond (Livingston, West Lothian)

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Re: River Almond (Livingston, West Lothian)

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As this river is in the middle of the central belt I was surprised that not many people seem to have run it. I couldn't find any information when looking so as we've had a lot of rain recently, went to scope the river from the bank a couple of weeks ago. Today the river was up again so we decided to give it a bash!

River Almond - Mid Calder to Newbridge
Grade 2/3 (4)

We parked in the Almondale and Calderwood Country park carpark. Almost right away we came to a weir which we carried round.

ImageP1050218 by Dee, on Flickr

From this point it's easy grade 2 to the other side of Almondell where the river became steeper and the pace quickened into a continuous rapid which rose to grade 3 once nearing the aqueduct with some great play potential here. Shortly after passing under the aqueduct the river calms for a short stretch before the Grade 4 falls.

ImageP1050253 by Dee, on Flickr

ImageP1050258 by Dee, on Flickr

We got out the left and inspected, deciding there was potential for pinning and we didn't want to risk it so carried.

From here down the river is straightforward with nothing major to Newbridge, where we got out at the first bridge in Newbridge.

ImageP1050263 by Dee, on Flickr

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