Tree down on the river Girvan. 25/01/09

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Tree down on the river Girvan. 25/01/09

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Hi All,
Just a note to inform people that there is a tree down in the gorge on the river Girvan sitting just on the lip of the third drop. We paddled the river two weeks ago at a medium level and the tree was not a problem. Passing it on a nice shoot on river left. Since then the tree has slipped all the way down the banking forcing the tree further out accross the river. We paddled it yesterday 25/1/09 at a high flow. This tree is a portage just now as it sits on top of the third drop in the gorge.
Also when the Girvan is at a very high flow there are two river wide stoppers worth mentioning. The first one is at the top end of the gorge. At lower levels this is where a nice play spot is. At higher flows it turns into a river wide stopper. I got out to look at it and it could be run on tight river left.
The second one is more tricky. After the Slot and then the Linn the Girvan weaves it's way round a sweeping bend into the second riverwide stopper which is only 100mtrs upstream from the tree mentioned above. Not a nice swimming spot.
I felt this was dangerous as at that level there wasn't many real weak points to get through. Maybe a sneak line on tight river left but that lines you up for the tree.
This stopper has a steep drop into it and was feeding into a main hole. At the lower level last week it's more of a drop. I think the tree further down is causing the water level to hold in that pool causing the stopper.
I think with higher flows this tree will probably swing down the drop and out of the way opening up the left hand side again.

George Mcmillan 26/1/09
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