Knaik near Braco

Rivers 'near' Perth
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Knaik near Braco

Post by EZ » Sun Sep 11, 2011 8:35 pm

Paddled the Knaik from the put-in described in the Scottish Guidebook up on the moors yesterday (Saturday 10/09/2011) in good water giving a 4km (ish) run.

About 3/4 down theres a fence across the river as descirbed in the scottish guidebook portage right. Before the fence across the river there were two wires across the river at neck height which you could just duck under but weren't easy to spot.

There was also a lot of treeage in the river most of which you could get past/around/through apart from one log jam across the whole river between the fence and the grade 4 drops, eddy service above this wasn't great so keep an eye out for it, portaged river left.

The second of the grade 4 drops also had a tree branch partially sticking into the area where the hole was washing through.

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