Rivers 'near' Perth
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Post by Eoghain » Thu May 21, 2009 10:44 am

The Bruar has been running at a good level since Monday; It's dam controlled so dont know how long this will last but the Nae Limits lads said it was running unusally high. Me and Matt Dawson gave it a paddle - between us padling all the drops, so they all go! with Irish andy and Brighton matt helping out with the rope work.

Its a pretty pushy creek style run, with only 2 real exit points before you reach the end - But is awesome fun and a last chance to creek serious before the summer sets in.

There isn't a guidebook description for most of it so I'll fill you in with the details - but basical keep in mind that the river left is generaly undercut (though not to badly).

Park at the house of bruar car park and empty your bowels in their gold plated toilets. Walk up river right untill you reach the lower bridge and the last big rapid of the run, cross over to river left and keep walking up - but nip over to the edge every now and then just to check the rapids. When you see a no throughfare sign, walk past it and you'll get a good view of the big 'un, we had the rocks in the middle of the lip just showing, with a bigger flume down the river right and a smaller flume down the left - Much higher than this and the river would be really pushy and it wouldn't probably go if it was much lower.

Put on at the upper bridge above the biggest fall (you could try putting on higher though - we were running out of time). Then Blast down the 5 sisters - probably the cleanest drops on the river - You can pick your line from the upper bridge looking downstream - but basically middle-right for the first and then left for the others.

Then your at the top of the Big 'un, hope you've scouted it out as you'll struggle to get off the river by this point. Its a big waterfall (we reckoned about 50' but then again none of us had seen a 50'er before) that lands in a tight slot, about 8 feet wide. Theres an innocent looking foot high ledge just above the fall which is worth noting as it send the current towards the right. We absailed in first to check it out and thought it looked undercut on river left and is pretty cavey round the back. But basically try not to hit the wall on the right, or get pushed up the wall on the left and you'l be grand - oh and wear a bomber deck (mine blew).

After this is 2 must run drops before you can get out, both scoutable from the walk up on river left, and If you've made it down to here you should be grand (note- If you ab into the bottom of the falls to have a look bear in mind you'll have to paddle out through these) The first is Pedleys Penis, a slot that was fun but aways ended messy for us. Then a 4m or so ledge you want to hit left of centre.

You can then hop out here or run the next rapid, a slide into a little ledge drop - Make sure that your left going off the drop as the right hand side leads into a scary ass cave.

Then the lower bridge marks the last main rapid - which is probably the most technical on the river. Boof/flange left then try to sneak out through the arch/get worked against the wall. Eddy out on the right and whoop and holler like an american. We got off here as there were a fair few trees littering the rest of the run, but your not missing out on too much.

So yeah - if you got the time after work (we arrived about 5:30 and had plenty time) go up and give it a look, Its turbo cool and will get your heart going again. Worth bearing in mind that a rope and harness cold come in handy (a 20m throwline won't be long enough to ab off).


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Re: Bruar

Post by Dug » Thu May 21, 2009 4:28 pm

Rather you than me mate! I looked at that section a couple of years ago, then walked right back down.....

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Re: Bruar

Post by AliBoyce » Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:34 am

Do you have any photos from the trip?

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Post by callum s » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:41 pm

Ive been eyeing up that big drop for a while now! Was wondering if it had been been paddled... Its about as big and vertical as they come in the Scotland! Are there many vertical waterfalls higher than this that have been paddled in the UK??

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Post by Janson » Sat May 07, 2011 11:33 am

Pretty sure Matt and Eoghian did it when they wrote the description above.

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