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DANGER Abhainn Alligin

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:41 am
by Tom T
Hi All

I have just started a new job in Torridon and whilst getting to know the locations we use I visited Abhainn Alligin which we use for a gorge walk. On inspecting it for the first time I found that the previous Senior Instructors had fitted permanent rope ladders on several sections posing potentially dangerous strainers for any kayakers deciding to paddle the burn. Although the ladders are not normally directly in the flow when the burn is being used a gorge walk I feel this may not be the case when the river is at a level to paddle. My other concern would be that the ladders could become free and snag else where or form a larger strainer from river debris.

I don't think the river sees many descents as it would be incredibly full on grade 5 however it is in the Scottish White Water Guide and until I get a chance to remove the ladders a feel it warrants a warning.

Please can you make other paddlers aware until I have chance to remove the ladders.

If anyone requires information on the rivers in the area I am happy to help where I can.


Tom Tindale

Re: DANGER Abhainn Alligin

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:10 pm
by Tom T
Hi All

All rope ladders placed in this gorge have now been removed. This does not mean that the gorge is clear of debris as it has plenty of logs and overhanging branches along its length, however anything placed for the purposes of gorge scrambling in previous years has been removed.

Happy and Safe Paddling.